let the countdown continue - just 19 days from christmas. can you even believe it?

and can you even believe that i forgot, again, to move that freaking elf on the shelf?

we got so far as to name her - silverbell. kaye came up with it. she really comes up with the very best names these days.

other than that, silverbell is still safely packaged in her box and the girls have been informed that they can't touch her or she'll lose all her magic. elusive elf threats - this is what christmas has turned into?

tomorrow - tomorrow i promise i'll do something clever-ish. like sit silverbell upon this adorable antler full of our hello maypole garland that arrived last week.

or maybe i could drape our garland and have silverbell repel from it? or zipline down it? or mission impossible it? or...or...really, when i received our garland i had no idea it would play such a large role in our elf on the shelf scenes.

but can we talk about how delightful these garlands are? i want to drape them everywhere in all color combinations all year long.

birthday parties / easter / my gal's room makeover / 4th of july...you get the idea. there are color combinations for everything! need a more muted palette? check out driftwood.

our hello maypole garland came packaged and then i gathered the needle and thread to put it together. but not before the girls insisted on holding the balls. throwing the balls. organizing the balls by color and size. (kaye is super into organizing these days.)

putting the garland together is super simple. you just poke your needle through each ball and thread them together. that's it. no more, no less. it took all of five minutes. i only messed up the color / size pattern about 35 times. i'm smart like that.

what i'm saying is this - if you're looking for a final touch to your holiday decor or a cute add-on to your best gal's room you can't go wrong with a felt garland. it's the sweetest little detail with a big impact.