it's just wild to me that i have yet another year documented on this blog. a blog that (pending no crazy technical destruction) houses years of memories and stories and pictures.

and the first monday is great for all sorts of things. working out, eating right, AND a year in review.

like kaye's first ski trip of 2016

when i wrote about a really rough day with my two gals and then look back at how much they've grown and how the rough days are fewer and fewer.

easter and how it's quickly becoming my second favorite holiday. i hope ryan and amy never stop inviting us over for adult egg hunts.

another mother's day celebration on the farm. it's always so fun inviting friends and family over. (and so much work.) last year i swore i wouldn't do it again...but now that i'm looking at this post i think i can't help myself.

ummm...the most horrifying experience of 2016 - when the snake charged me in front of our house. spoiler...i hacked it to death.

father's day 2016 we spent in mccall.

the moments i realized i'm never going to be a momager thanks to kaye and sawyer. so long career goals. it was night entertaining you for the 10 minutes it took to take those pictures.

let's not forget when i broke my elbow...that sucked.

in october we visited our own, personal pumpkin patch. small town living at it's finest.

october is a big month - two birthdays AND halloween. so this one is all about the gal's joint unicorn birthday party.

and this one is all about our unicorn halloween and how i wanted to spank an eight year old for picking on kaye.

we took family pictures again and i started to think - hey...maybe kaye can be a model? momager?

and quite possibly my favorite family moment to date - our first real vacation! we went to disneyland right after a few days in the santa barbara area for thanksgiving and it was all so wonderful. i want to do it again...right now.

aaaand...i guess that's it because i have yet to write about our christmas holiday 2016. so many great memories to add to the blog.

oh! and i nearly forgot. i made a fun 2016 year in review printable that you can do with your kiddo...or your husband...or yourself. just whoever! i did one for kaye and it turned out super cute!