good morning! i hope everyone had a restful evening. me? i've been sleeping like garbage which has left me like a zombie this week. totally strange considering i usually sleep like a baby...a sweet little baby with drool and fifteen pillows. i'm also one of those people who falls asleep in a position and wakes up in that same position. no movement. i'm blaming the mattress.

or maybe i'm still too worked up from the emotional roller coaster kaye took me on yesterday.

if you're looking for a video to make you laugh / cry / break your heart - head on over to my instagram. it doesn't disappoint.

and while you're crying and laughing at the same time...

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today i have some simple mom-fessions...

1 | i'm a really bad sharer
so...when it comes to sharing, i'm the worst. i'm the worst, specifically, when it comes to a certain kind of granola bars - kind bars. they are just so delicious. they are gluten free, natural sweeteners, super delicious, lots of protein - i eat them after i run. and without fail - sawyer always wants a bite. but not a little bite - the remainder of what i have left. if i tell her no it's not good. but i reeeeeallly don't like sharing.

2 | do i have to play with my kids?
hear me out - kaye has recently been extremely into barbies and roll playing. she wakes up asking to play barbies. she goes to sleep asking to play barbies. i'm out of story lines. i'm happy to help her dress the barbies or fix their hair, but saying hi - hi - hi - hi - what's going on? - oh nothing over and over and brain. my poor brain. and sawyer - she doesn't so much want to play as really she just wants to sit on you. or she also likes to be carried around. she's in full princess mode - complete with the dress and crown...and apparently not using her legs.

3 | my kids watch too much tv
the weather here has been awful as of late. we've had freezing rain the last two days and before that it was 0ยบ it is! and this goes back to the fact that i just can't possibly play one more round of barbies. 

now, before i get completely judged, yesterday we made valentine's day boxes to hold any cute valentines that happen our way. it took the better part of two hours to make and decorate and kaye absolutely loved the project - so i'm not completely delinquent. that bought me at least five good mom points

4 | i workout
speaking of tv - the only way i'm able to get a workout in these days is if the gals get some screen time. it seems like they play and play and play and then as soon as i say it's workout time all of a sudden we're whiney and mopey and we just can't control our emotions. so yeah - i feel guilty when i workout...but i also feel really good after i'm done working out. so...there's that. 
final note - i can't wait for the weather to warm up and we can all be outside watering flowers and picking tomatoes out of the garden and swinging on the swings and jumping on the trampoline...and that reminds me. our next project REALLY needs to be to build these gals a fort / playhouse.
(this is all so ridiculous because i was JUST saying how much i love winter because our farmer has time off and blah blah blah...)

5 | what are your mom-fessions? what are you feeling guilty about?

share in the comments - make me feel a little less guilty.