does anyone else feel like this time of year encourages laziness? i can't get my act the kitchen. yesterday for lunch i dipped some crackers in almond butter and then put cream cheese on them.

now...if this sounds disgusting, don't knock it until you try it. i kind of thought of it as putting peanut butter on a hamburger. and if you've never tried that...well, you're missing out on life. if you're local - go to 10 barrel and get yourself that hamburger. it's absolutely mouthwatering. anyway...

anyway, back to being lazy. i haven't been lazy in all aspects. i have been getting some good workouts in...but when it comes to being in the kitchen i just throw my hands up. until last night...

my farmer had the gals and i really wanted something wholesome, warm, healthy - something that would stick to the ribs. so...i had a look in the fridge and quickly realized i had the necessary ingredients to try a recipe on pinterest that i've had pinned for the better part of five years. 

in today's post i'm going to share with you my favorite pinterest recipes. not recipes i have i've both pinned and you know they are good, and relatively simple. they get my mediocre chef / limited time / picky kid-eaters stamp of approval. oh! and feel good in knowing that they're healthy as well. (and i can make each gluten free by subbing out the flour called for a few of them for a gluten free simple.)
this is the one i made last night and it's super good. the only downfall is that there are quite a few steps. easy steps...but it felt like i had a lot going all at once. steaming broccoli / cooking quinoa / baking chicken / sauce stirring / chopping...and then you have to assemble it. the good makes a ton, so your work will be rewarded with leftovers. 
i first had this recipe when it was sent to us via sun basket (home meal delivery service). i had never made a squash before and found the whole thing a little intimidating with not knowing how it would turn out. i didn't know if i'd like it. i didn't know what it would taste like. the whole thing was off putting. until i bit the bullet and made it. you guys - make this. it is absolutely delightful! and so easy. i mean...who knew roasting squash was the most deliciously easy thing...ever. and the best part, this meal is vegetarian. i'm not a vegetarian, but i do think i have too much meat in my diet. so...any hearty meal i can find sans meat is a win. 
the name of this soup doesn't do it justice. it should be called - creamy chicken soup that will make your mouth water and also includes a delightful medley of carrots, potatoes, and celery. but it's not called that. i first tried this soup at my friend, cathie's house. she's a phenomenal cook and always has the best recipes. when we make this soup we always add baby red potatoes - it adds a little heartiness, but the rest is perfection. right down to the cheese on top. 
i've talked about this recipe before, and you soooo can't go wrong. it's a great way to get your kids to eat kale too. the cheese sauce softens it and well...the whole thing is just so damn delicious. it's my farmer's very most favorite meal i make. in fact...i happen to have all the ingredients on hand so i'm going to go ahead and make it tonight. 

i so strongly encourage you to enjoy each of these recipes. they really are so good and will add a little change-up to your meal routine...or am i the only one who gets stuck in a rut. 

bon app├ętit!

ps. i pin goodies all the time! feel free to follow me on pinterest!