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A  R E S O L U T I O N  O R  F I V E

1 | i'm a yeller
so...a few days ago i was like - oh, the girls are being so good. it's nice that they don't fight and rainbows / butterflies / puppies awwwww...then life slapped me.

for whatever reason my girls somehow taught themselves to read, got onto my blog, read that post and said, "oh. she thinks we're good and emotionally stable and that we don't fight."

enter crazy town. 

kaye had a series of insane emotional breakdowns. just complete freak-outs. sawyer went back to doing this terrible whine/cry act regarding everything - including looking at her wrong. and they decided to fight with each other all day long every day until about 30 minutes before bed time. huh?

and just like that - i'm a yeller. and i hate it. i've found myself doing a lot of yelling and it's the worst. i need to master the scary mom-eyes and the super calm voice that's incredibly freaky. the voice that comes when you know you're in deep sh*t. 

i resolve the decrease the yelling and increase creepy eyes / calm voice.

2 | working out / eating
the holidays. oh mercy did i make it rain. i think i ate the entire container of mini-cinnamon rolls...the ones you get from costco. lawd, they were so good. oh...and i was still nursing that random pulled back / booty muscle that basically said - no walky. it literally hurt to move. 

after much rest it's finally better. since the first of the year i've been back at the working out. i'm certainly feeling better. but we haven't quite been able to get all the bad food out of our house...so i've been keeping at that at a very steady pace. 

i resolve to keep up with the working out...and stop eating the garbage...and stop eating so much of the garbage. and stop putting baileys irish cream in my coffee every day. (seriously...i'm on a four day streak. the girls have been so bad, though!)

3 | continue my education
i need to do this! i'm signed up for all sorts of classes that say, "do it at your own pace!" well, my pace, apparently, is never. between working on materials for clients to working at home tending my children...i'll never get it done. the last thing i feel like doing at 10 pm is opening my laptop and listening to a lecture about coding websites. 

but guess what - i have to! if i want to do the very best job i can for my clients and also continue to build my brand...it's just gotta happen. so...

i resolve...to get smarter.

4 | be a little more selfless
as a mom i give myself all day errr day. i mean...it's few and far between that i get to go to the bathroom alone. so see...i share my bathroom time. i share the majority of my meals. i share my personal space. share. so much sharing. 

but in all reality - i tend to get a little selfish and a lot of entitlement. i deserve this or i deserve that because i did this or i did that. 

well...while i firmly believe in treating yourself...it's not a reward system. i'm an adult. i signed up for this simply by aging and getting married and having kids. the reward is in that! which totally rolls into... 

5 | save more mula!
i have got to start saving more money. i was doing really well there for awhile and was putting the majority of all my money earned from design work into a little savings account. (the rest was going to me, myself, and i to reward myself for all my hard work in the home.)

well...then i decided i wanted to hire someone to finish that bathroom and christmas hit. poof! so long money. what took me over a year to save...and now it's just gone. 


so...time to tighten the ol' belt strap and get back to it. 

there you have it. five little resolutions. no more yelling. no more eating. no more spending money. wow. 2017 sounds super like it's going to be a super fun year. 

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