looking for great equipment to wear skiing while still looking cute and being totally comfortable? i have you covered.
the other day when i wrote about going skiing i ended up getting a few questions about what i like to wear on the slopes. it happened again when i posted to instagram. so this is probably the most perfect time to share - i've perfected the attire needed for skiing in usually cold conditions.

(there has most certainly been the off day where i've ended up having to unzip my jacket and take off my gaiter...but those instances are rare.)

let me give you some background - i've been skiing for realzies since 2010-ish. sure there were the times when i would go once in a season, but quite frankly...it was just too damn expensive...and the gear is too. so yeah, i didn't really start skiing until my farmer got me a pair of skis and then i bought my first set of boots at an equipment exchange. (they were still $200. good lord.)

and then there were the winters when my gals were newborns...so those ski seasons were shot. children...they ruin everything. make everything so wonderful.

so as i was saying...i've really nailed the ski outfit, so if you're looking for warm winter wear that will last you for years and years, you've come to the right spot!
first things first - your base layers. these include socks, leggings, and a top. the stuff that sits right next to your skin. lots of people think you need lots of base layers. well...it's just not true. one layer and you'll be fine. make sure this layer is a cozy wool that's super soft or an athletic style of fabric. i have many of these layers in different brands and so farm my favorite is smartwool. the merino wool is so soft, breathable, and not bulky. it keeps you warm and it's super cute. i also like that the pants have a thicker band around the middle so it's not cutting into my belly. oh! and i also like my top to have a zip neck. that way you can zip it all the way up and under your chin if it's a cold day or unzip if you need a little air...especially in the lodge. lodges get hot.

speaking of smartwool - i also wear smartwool socks. i prefer the phd thin style. they work best in my boot and my feet stay warm.

the next thing i put on is a gaiter. a neck gaiter is just a tubular piece of fabric that takes the place of a scarf. my neck gaiter is thin, merino wool and fits nicely under my jacket. i can also pull it up over my nose when we're on the chair lift. the chair lift always gets a little chilly.

now things start to get really expensive...or at least expensive in my book. but hear me out - i'm a FIRM believer in quality. especially when it comes to athletic wear. all you have to do is be on the lookout for a deal and not be afraid to drop some coin when something is on sale in the off-season.

let me give you an example - my ski jacket was originally $650. i got it for $300 on super sale in june...back in 2010. so...nearly seven years ago i bought a super nice jacket for over 50% off and i'm still using it and i have no intention of not using it for five more years. it has down insulation. it has taped seams and zippers (water can't get through). AND it's still super cute. snow styles don't change all that much...except for color. my jacket is black - classic. ha.

same story for my pants - i bought my pants on a site called steep and cheap. they were over 50% off and i think i snagged them for under $100. sites like backcountry.com are nice for deals.

both my jacket and pants are patagonia and i've linked to versions of them below as well as all my base layers.

also important...what goes on your head and face! friends - wear a helmet while skiing. you may be thinking - i'll be going so slow or i'm not a crazy skiier. yeah...but that doesn't mean the people around you know what they are doing. just put a helmet on. i love my smith helmet. it keeps my ears warm and my head safe.

i also rock a pair of smith ios goggles. they fit nicely with my helmet and i think they're cute...as cute as goggles can be.

and finally - my gloves. my gloves are quite possibly my favorite part of my ski attire. i received them a couple of years ago for christmas and my fingers have never been cold since. oh...and by gloves i mean mittens. if you suffer from cold fingers - don't bother with gloves. get yourself a nice pair of hestra mittens and you'll be the happiest bunny on the ski hill.

happy skiing, friends!
(fyi - none of the above are affiliate links. i'm just sharing my very most favorite goodies.)