i know a lot of us out there are like...hey snow. you can stop now. for real. 

but for us? it just hasn't affected our family the way it has others. we don't have kids in school. we don't live in the city so any sort of plowed road is a luxury. i'm ALWAYS stocked up on food because we live so damn far away (nearly a 40 minute drive to the nearest grocery store). oh...and my farmer grew up in a different small town where it was the regular to have snow dumped on them...like feet and feet and feet. he used to go out with his buddies and try to get stuck in the snow. (#smalltownliving) so...he's basically the best snow / ice driver ever.

what i'm saying is this - snow...keep on coming! our idaho mountains haven't seen snow like this in a long while, and it's such a treat.

we left the sloppy farm roads two days ago and headed up the mccall. we got sawyer on her very first set of skis and she did great! russell had kaye with the backpack / leash and i just skied with sawyer between my legs. the very best part? neither girl wanted to stop...until after our fifth run sawyer informed me her little fingers were cold. and they were...since she insists on only wearing her fleece mittens...not the new hestra mittens we got her for christmas.

and kaye - our sweet girl. after skiing she informed my farmer and me that she wanted to go skiing again, but this time without the backpack. and honestly...this sends my heart right into nervous palpitations and i want to say no...but in all honesty, she's ready. and sawyer's probably ready for the backpack. oh mercy.

so we're going to have another few runs today and finish with some delicious hot cocoa...and not go out again after lunch...because that was our one mistake yesterday. we did the one thing we knew we weren't supposed to do - one more run.

always stop skiing when your children are happy. don't talk them into going on the big chair and then we'll be done. ummm...lesson re-learned.
skiing to the other lift...when we should have stopped.