today is the day. my farmer - the saint - said he'd take my two best gals for the day so i could get work done. yesssssssss. my work is probably going to include taking myself to lunch, maybe a movie, i might list a new birthday invitation on wink & ink, aaaaaand...i don't even know what else. but that's the beauty of having an entire day off to do "work"...and by work i mean i need a big fat day off.

if you had ALLLLLLL day off with zero kids...what would you do?


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1 | my most favorite thing about morning time
let's talk about morning time. i adore morning time. i adore my hot coffee. i adore writing my blog posts at 5:45 am. i adore the supreme quietness of the house. 

what i don't love? walking around like a freaking ninja. you should see me - i'm like in ultimate stealth mode because there's nothing worse than waking your kid up before the sun is up and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

but this morning...this morning both girls decided to wake up at 5am. nobody knows why? i promptly sent them back to bed even after they both told me it was morning time. 
i. don't. think. so.

2 | the very best surprise
so...ummm...i guess i haven't been exactly super tactful when it comes to my admiration of one mr. sam heughan...also known as jamie frasier in the series outlander. i mean...i have a huge crush on him. and i know i'm not alone! he's quite dreamy.

well...i guess i've been a little too forward in my expression of admiration for my favorite scot because i received something in the mail yesterday. 

no, it wasn't a cease and desist was a poster of sam heughan...signed by "sam heughan" saying he likes the texts i've been sending him.

guys...first of all - i haven't been sending texts to anyone. that's ridiculous. secondly - when i saw this poster i died! i laughed so hard i cried. 

i was like - who sent this? (i've shared my crush with several people and it could have been any of them.) luckily, the mystery was solved because i recognized my farmer's handwriting pretty immediately. 

which leads me to say - how lucky am i to have just about the funniest farmer in all the land? granted...he hasn't made me laugh this hard in awhile, but it was exactly what i needed after a hard week of sickness...

3 | speaking of sickness...
you guys - we are still sick. well, everyone except our farmer, who apparently has the immune system of an ox.

the worst part is i'm having the hardest time yelling at my children because i have no voice. i can only whisper-yell which is totally not effective. trust me.

this sickness also explains why i've not blogged all week. i'm not sleeping at night! not because the girls are up (like last week) but because i'm up all night coughing. not even nyquil touches this stuff. 
luckily - i have it on good authority that we're in the home stretch. we'll all be ship shape in a few days...right around the time my farmer comes down with it. 

4 | aaaand...this weather
i'm over it. i'm packing up the gals and we're going to...mexico? or maybe just california. regardless, this weather is for the birds. 

our house is on a hill, so when it's's super windy. as in...the wind blew at 30 mph ALL DAY YESTERDAY...not to mention it was about 23ยบ...not exactly super conducive for outside time. 

so what did i do? i put the girls in the bath. then we made banana bread. then we painted. then we did magnaformers. then we scootered. then we watched a show...and all of that took exactly one hour. ha.

do any of you feel like your day draaaaaaaaags? the saying is so true - the days are long but the years are short.

i can't wait for some sun shiny weather. 

5 | speaking of banana bread...

so...we had a bunch of bananas about to go bad. and by bad i mean my girls won't eat them if they are too ripe. and i agree. i prefer a greener banana. 

anyway...because they had some brown on them i knew they would be perfect for banana bread. at least that's what i hear, because did you know, the longer a banana sits the higher the sugar content? put that fun nutrition fact in your pocket.

anyway - so we made this banana bread recipe which claims to be a starbucks copycat. i have no clue if it is, but what i do know is it's delicious. i replaced the white flour with whole wheat and used olive oil instead of vegetable or canola...and it was perfection. 

so if you have some bananas about to turn...this is a good one!

okay! happiest weekend! link up below!