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1 | the gals are STILL sick
oh mercy. lord help us. we are on day i don't know what of the girls being sick. we had like...a three day reprieve in between sicknesses, but they're back at it. this time it includes a barking cough, sneezing, and one hell of an ear infection for my sawyer-muff. and while i feel just absolutely terrible for my two best gals...i feel terrible for me too.

i wiped fu manchu snot (the kind of snot that gets double ejected out of both nostrils at the same time) off of sawyer's face, clothing, furniture, carpet, ipad over 20 times yesterday. maybe even 40 times. i had to stop the car three times on the way to boise to clean her up. absolutely exhausting. 
this barky cough is what nightmares are made of. it's loud. it's persistent. it happens all. night. long.
and poor sawyer - we made it to the doctor after she expressed to me that her ear hurt. the doctor took one quick look and told me her eardrum was about to burst. she also informed me that sawyer was probably in a lot of pain...which totally explains the waking up seven times a night. poor gal. 

2 | family hike
the weather - idaho can be the best...and the worst. the weather out here on the farm as of late is killing me. absolutely bone-chilling freezing. the wind won't quit. it's making it impossible to get outside...or better yet...send the girls outside. to play...all day long. we braved it for a few minutes the other day and i ended up with two girls crying because their hands were freezing. 
anyway - we did take advantage of some freezing sunshine a few days ago and went to the canyon near our home. yes - we have canyon...a giant one. with a river flowing through it. it truly is so beautiful. and even though our oldest had just about the worst attitude the entire time - so much so i carried her back to the car (because both of her legs are broke, obviously) and told her she could sit there until we were done with our photo opps.
in other news - sawyer was our little model in her princess dress - the dress she never lets leave her skin. i'm probably going to throw it away soon.

3 | outlander
i'm a huge fan of the outlander series. i'm on the seventh book in the series and it's just fantastic. i totally recommend. and if you'd rather watch the series - i fully recommend that too. yes yes yes. sam heughan. sam heughan + karli = heart eyes.
anyway - the next season was supposed to be released this spring (like previous seasons)...but i just learned it won't be coming out until september. SEPTEMBER. i know that my disappointment in a television show is absolutely ridiculous...trust me...i feel like an idiot...but i'm terribly disappointed. let's all feel bad for me.

4 | did you see that super sweet valentine's post all about my farmer?
if you didn't - that's okay. i don't think my farmer did either. you see that here.

5 | aaaand...it hasn't been all bad...
even though this week has been pretty rough...there have been great moments too. i got to take my best gals to lunch and they were really good. i was that mom sitting with a toddler and a four year old lunching away and i totally looked like i had it all together. winning. 
kaye and i made some delicious sugar cookies for valentine's day and then i proceeded to eat too many - gotta gain a few pounds so my farmer understands that i really do need a peloton. 

okay! happiest of weekends to you all! think happy thoughts for our health. #sendhelp