okay...spoiler alert - my farmer didn't get my anything for valentine's day.

sure sure sure - he totally set a precedent when he bought me diamond earrings two years ago (eh-hum), but it's cool. for real...i'm not mad or sad.

but what i am here to tell you about is why i still have all the heart eyes for my farmer and why he still makes my heart skip a beat...and it's because i think i finally figured out one of my love languages.

(remember that book? i don't because i never read it, but i definitely heard about it...i think it's called the five languages of love.) anyway...

here's a little fact about my farmer and then i swear i'll get to my point: he HATES to disappoint people. my farmer would rather tell someone, "yes. i can do that. i'll be there." and tell them later that it's not going to work because of x-y-z, than tell someone, "let's play it by ear," or "let me check the calendar..." he's also famous for not being on time...it's been a common theme throughout our relationship. he's ALWAYS running 10 minutes late (or more sometimes) because he crams so much into a day. i'm pretty sure his motto in life is - just one more thing.

but lately...my farmer has been on time. EARLY, in fact. early. it's a beautiful word. not feeling rushed. not having to apologize for being tardy. not stressing about putting someone else out. early.

and that's my latest love language, even though i'm pretty sure it's not detailed in the book - timeliness. my farmer showing up on time to this or that...well...it's better than any set of diamond earrings a gal could ask for. (kind of.)

my other love language is...tending to our children in the middle of the night. BOOM! mind explosion. lately...the gals have been sick. like sick then healthy then sick...and we're waiting on their health to return. ugh. and because they share a room, if one is up crying or whatever then the other one is probably going to get up...and cry.

well, my farmer has been jumping out of bed one, two, three or more times a night for the better part of two weeks to give them medicine. give them water. give them cuddles. i guess he figures since i have their sick selves all day he may as well take the night shift? i don't know...but i love that i'm getting good sleep...and i hope he finds time to take a 20 minute power nap in his office.

and my final love language - my farmer keeps me laughing. he's the funniest, smartest, kindest guy i know. seriously...he is. ask anyone.

i'll finish up with a quick story.

when my farmer and i finally got engaged (i say finally because it only took five years), i can't tell you how many people (including my own mom and dad) told me how lucky i was. how did you snag a guy like that, they'd say. (i'm paraphrasing.) but the message was always along those lines. my farmer was out of my league and if i'm truly being honest with myself...he is. i married up.

so...even though i didn't get another set of diamond earrings...i still feel like i have the very best valentine around.