first things first - i have GOT to start writing these on thursday. i wake up friday morning and i'm like...ummmm?

you see...the problem is...kaye is taking up so much of my mental capacity with her constant questions that by the time 5 pm rolls around i literally say - i'm not mommy anymore.

i've also been saying - we'll have to wait until daddy gets home.

i've been pleasantly surprised with how well that one actually works.

because listen - IT IS UNBELIEVABLE how exhausting making tiny, minute, minuscule decisions ALL DAY can actually be. from what your kids are going to wear to what they'll eat for breakfast / snack / lunch / snack / snack. then there's the what needs to be done around the house? what are my clients waiting on from me? how long have the girls been watching the ipad? do we have milk? how long until sawyer's nap?

i all know this. it's never ending. and my brain feels a teensy bit fried. but...when your brain is fried and on overdrive...that's when you start acting like a crazy person, and that can be fun...right?

anyway...speaking of decisions...i have GOT to change up the look of this button. it's driving me crazy. but before i do that...

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F R I D A Y  I N T R O - M E !

let's do this one all about me...because...that's easier, right?

1 | bald eagles
okay - i know this sounds absolutely insane, but i have this super super strange fascination with bald eagles. 

one time, a few years ago, i was driving on a fairly busy street in boise. i looked out the window and there were these two bald eagles with their feet locked together plummeting in a downward spiral. they were obviously battling over something. what? i don't know. but it was like national geographic up close. friends - those birds are HUGE. i'll never forget that scene. 
another time we were floating down this SUUUUUPER slow river. just moving along. well...there was a big island in the center of the river (the water levels were low that year) and all of a sudden a giant bald eagle came and landed on a log...and then ANOTHER one came and landed. these birds are incredibly majestic.

last bit - at our local zoo there is an injured bald eagle that is in the bird habitat section...i could stand there and stare at it for...a long time. have you ever done this? they are completely terrifying. 
yeah - i have a thing for bald eagles. 

2 | i work out - so i can eat terribly
i know they say you can't out-work a bad diet...but i'm sure trying. i'm a great worker-outer. i'm super consistent. i have no problem pushing myself hard. the sweatier i get the better. i love it all. but i LOVE food more. it's a problem. mac and cheese? pizza? steak? mashed potatoes? ...and lately i've been craving biscuits and gravy. so...i'm probably going to need to learn how to make those. 
and don't even get me started on my sweet tooth. granted - we are doing really well when it comes to the nine boxes of girl scout cookies i purchased. we've had them for two weeks and we still have six boxes left...but that's probably because of all the ice cream in our freezer.

3 | binge watcher / reader / listener
if i get hooked on a book or a show or a podcast...i'm downright useless. like, so long, see ya when it's over! every spare moment will be used to binge it. 

game of thrones - done. eagerly awaiting the season's release in july.
outlander - finishing up the last book and waiting for the season's release in september. 
the man in high castle - binged it, and you should too.

i feel like if i list any more you'll realize how bad my problem really is...

4 | i used to have nice hair...
i really did. but i'm convinced after years of dying it and abusing it with heat and hormonal changes from having's just shot. 

most woman i've ever talked to say their hair was absolutely amazing during their pregnancies. ummm...not me. i was left in shambles. 

i think it's slowly recovering now that i take better care of it, but man...maybe i should just pull a kim zolciak and wear wigs. she totally pulls it off.

5 | i'm EXTREMELY competitive
like...with everything. it's a problem. 

i think it all started way back when with my sister. my dad was always pitting us against one another. don't worry - neither of us are damaged. but he would score us like in the olypics. 

kelli get's a 10!
karli get's a 9.8!

those were our actual scores when we acrobatically jumped off our swings at the ages of 4 and 6. it's on old school VHS. you can see i'm extremely disappointed because my score wasn't as high as kelli' when my dad revises kelli's score to a 9.8 as well...everyone is happy. even kelli. 

i guess she thought a 9.8 was better than a 10? 


okay! happiest weekend! link up below!