it's been survival mode out here on the farm. how does that even happen. you would think with us being removed from the daily interactions of city life we would be somewhat protected from catching the bugs, getting sick, staying sick, passing it around, etc. but man - kids are dirty. 

that's the only thing i can think of...just not getting little hands washed often or well enough? or maybe it was that trip to the store we took a month and a half ago. gad - shopping carts are the bane of my existence. am-i-right? they have got to be the filthiest pieces of equipment in all the land. and trust me...i bathe those things in sanitizer every time, but it probably doesn't even begin to touch the nastiness.

all this to say - we've FINALLY made it back to health. there are no runny noses. no coughs. no aches and pains. everyone is sleeping through the night. 

the only ailment we're currently dealing with is you would think sawyer was teething with the crazy whining and crying going on. i just...i don't even know. 

but here's the best news...

when you're sick / recovering from sickness your energy is just zapped. gone. see ya. then...if you're sick AND taking care of two sick kids who were waking up in the middle of the night for several weeks...well, you can only imagine the zombie that i was. the first thing to go was working out. the next thing - keeping any sort of order in the house. dusty / dirty floors / clutter on the counters / laundry overflowing / toys everywhere - but i would just look around and throw a white flag in the air. my energy was so gone it was all i could do to throw some frozen chicken nuggets in the oven. speaking of - ha. dinner has been an absolute joke for most of the past month. to say we've been eating like crap is an understatement. the schwan's man would pull up on thursday and i'd thank god that i could buy a frozen pizza. writing a check without coughing all over him was my biggest accomplishment of the week. 

but friends...we're back in business. hello working out. hello making healthy meals for my family (minus the cinnamon rolls i have planned for the weekend). AND hello six loads of laundry that took me over two hours to fold and put away. my house is clean and we're even allowing ourselves to see friends again...including the schwan's man.

this winter was an absolute doozy on the health-front, but we're looking forward to a few more ski weekends (we're still getting fresh snow here in the idaho mountains!) and my farmer has even managed to get the combine out and finish up the corn harvest from last fall. 

happiest hump day. my farmer is taking the gals on and adventure (per kaye's request) i think i'll go get myself overly caffeinated and make some bad decisions at the banana republic friends & family event - it starts today and you get 50% off. if you want to see me hopped up on caffeine stress-sweating in a dressing room trying to pick out spring outfits...follow along on my instagram stories!