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oh hey hey! just a little self-promotion  going on on the blog today!

so, normally i throw a mother's day bash out on the farm, but i didn't do that this go-round because, well, i got lazy. i was like, "it's mother's day! i want to relax!"

but now that father's day is just 'round the corner i DO want to do something special for my farmer. he's just the very best farmer there ever was and truly - you would be SHOCKED by his work ethic. he puts everyone (absolutely everyone) i know to shame. sorry everyone.
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and what makes a happy farmer that lives in the middle of nowhere? inviting all his favorite dads (plus their families) to our farm casa for a laid back BBQ. and by laid back...i mean laid back - got my mind on my money and my money on my mind. okay - that's not actually what i meant, but sometimes i just really like to break out into old school rap. but don't we all?

so - here's the plan for our father's day:
  • bbq
  • corn on the cob
  • beer
  • dessert
  • yard games
  • fire pit (i'm totally building a fire pit)
  • no snakes (has everyone been following my snake trauma on instagram?) i recently slammed my brakes on so i could drive over and reverse over a snake near our driveway no fewer than 15 times. yeah...i'm crazy.
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