another week, another bumpdate! and friends...i'm bumping. bumping so hard.
i'm back with another addition of - hey kaye! will you take pictures of my belly and me?

she's always willing. it's pretty wonderful. 

there was a pretty bad windstorm yesterday afternoon, so we just decided to pop into the completely disastrous baby room. it gets good light...but there isn't a lot of room. i tried for some sitting pictures so kaye could get the full shot, but wow. sitting pictures REALLY make you look like you're having, oh say, triplets?! 

but if i'm being super honest with myself, i'm definitely bigger this go-round than i was with sawyer. by like...two weeks. trust me...i just looked at the pictures. 

i'll have my glucose test this coming week, so that should be super duper fun and disgusting, plus i really just love needles (said no one ever). when are they going to come up with a better drink / better method? this is 2017. i guess it's not high on the priority list - understood.

our week was good. our week was hot. having three babies through the summer months has got to be some kind of subconscious method of punishment. 
luckily, we beat the heat with water balloons, homemade popsicles, and some 4-wheeler rides around the farm...and we even talked our farmer into a date night at the one and only bar in our teeny-tiny town. it's cowboy through and through.
but hey - i ate a great burger...which i've been doing a lot of lately. which could also explain why the bump is so much bigger this time. when in rome...
ooooo! i also did the fastest photo session with kaye and sawyer a few days ago for Freshly Picked! they've come out with some new sandals and friends - i can't say enough good things about them! i'm in loooove. absolutely smitten. but more on that next week.
FIRST THINGS FIRST | hey! can i ask for some help? we're looking for name suggestions...again. we'll be needing all your favorite girl names.

kaye's latest and greatest suggestion this week - Dorris. i can't say it's going to make our top three...

WEIGHT GAIN / WORK OUTS | i'm sitting right at the ten pound mark. my goal was to do 10 pounds at 30 weeks because then i could gain a pound a week for the last 10 weeks...but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. hahaha! it's hard when ice cream is delivered to your door or a milkshake for you and your best gals sounds just oh so good. 

i'm totally still working out, although i've adjusted. i decided that every other day i'll do some sort of house project / outdoor chore (like washing all 40 of our giant windows or mowing the lawn) and that will be the workout for that day. and then on the other days i'll actually do cardio or HIIT or something of the sort. a few days ago i decided to run five miles because it was going so well and felt good...yeah no. that was a bad idea. starting in the evening i was so sore and well into the next day. i think three is my max for running and then i'll switch to walking if i feel like going more.

SYMPTOMS | the raging heartburn is still there. i think a major catalyst for it is...CHOCOLATE! say it isn't so! but yes, it is. i ate some granola the other morning that had chocolate chunks in it and the heart burn was nearly immediate...and raging. so...i'm going to cut out the chocolate (which is SO hard for me) for the next few days to see if i see a pattern.
SIZE OF BABY | this little muff is the size of a cauliflower. yum. 14 inches and 2 pounds. 

SLEEP | sleep. yes...sleep. since i've been able keep the heartburn to a minimum the sleeping has come a little easier. i have been staying up later, for whatever reason...and then still waking up at 5:30 am...which then leads to a little mid-day cuddle session with my sawyer-muff where the two of us definitely fall asleep. i'll never pass up those cuddle sessions though. she's the best at them.

HAIR | good news! with kaye and sawyer my hair got terribly dry and was breaking off in chunks on the right side of my head. ummm...not super fun. well, i've been extra tender with my sweet hairs this round and i'm happy to report the breakage has been minimal. i still have hair! once a week i put an oil spray (my gal at aveda gave it to me) in my hair after an evening shower (where i don't wash my hair) and i sleep with that oil sitting on my hair all night. speaking of...i'm due to do this. also...i only wash my hair once a week's that dry. 

PURCHASES | well...ummm...hangs head in shame. purchases have been arriving on the daily. i have a new mirror, lamp, rug, baskets...and that's all for the nursery. 

after ordering about $1000 (literally) worth of swimming suits i finally found the perfect one from athleta. i. love. it. actually...i love it so much that i think i'm going to order some alternate bottoms for the top. the top is the perfect coverage for my gals, and dare i say, minimizing? i finally didn't feel like the ugly mom at swim class.

oh...and i've been living in sun i may have ordered a few more of those. but hey - it's summer and i'm pregnant. 

CRIES THIS WEEK | with kaye i cried multiple times a week while i was pregnant. the cause - always my farmer. 

with sawyer - i cried next to not at all. 

and with this one - in the last two weeks...lots of tears. what did i cry about? mostly kaye. i'd cry because i would get angry with her and oh so frustrated. and then i'd cry harder because i got angry with her and made her feel bad. it's been super hard to keep my emotions in check. i feel all. over. the map at times. like...lowest of low to the highest of high within 10 minutes. its so bizarre and i 100% remember feeling like this with kaye. it might be my least favorite pregnancy symptom. 

i also cried over there not being any gas on the farm so i could mow the lawn. cry-worthy? apparently so.

ps. did you see the gender reveal video i posted last week in lieu of the bumpdate?