friends - this summer is really shaping up to not suck. i thought it was going to be quite the bummer...what with being so hugely pregnant and all.

hi 100ยบ temperatures for weeks on end! hi endless sweating! hi heartburn!'s been wonderful! but that also means it's absolutely flown by. can we talk about how it's almost august and my two best gals start school august 16th! say what?! i'm still coping...

anyway - we had another wonderful week / weekend for the books and our summer isn't slowing down. my sister and her family arrive from california on friday! i'll get to see my new niece, lizzy lou lou la poo! (not her official name...just what the girls and i call her behind my sister's back.)

last week the gals and i popped into the local aquarium (which is wild to even consider that boise has an aquarium) after swimming lessons and the girls had the very best time. i was SHOCKED at their bravery - eagerly touching lizards and sticking their hands in fresh water fish ponds AND touching stingrays on repeat. kaye, especially, couldn't get enough. sawyer was slightly more hesitant, but because kaye was okay with it...sawyer decided she was too.

but this past was a busy one. my farmer's sister got herself all married up and my farmer managed to get his booty out of the combine so we could help her celebrate. not to mention...our gals were her flower girls! ummm...hello stage mom! i couldn't have been more proud. blah blah blah...bride / wedding / happiness.

my girls were flower girls!!

i was kind of a token flower girl in the late 80's / early 90', no big deal. full circle and all that jazz. (actually, i think i was in five weddings - one more and i would have hired an agent.)

moving on. the wedding happened to be at 9am an hour and a half outside of boise (in the opposite direction of our farm). we were going to just wake the girls up super early and do the drive, but at the last minute we decided to book a hotel in boise and make it ever so slightly easier on ourselves.

we checked in and the girls couldn't stop talking about the hotel and kaye wanted to live there and can we go back to the hotel and...i think we have a little city girl on our hands.

we also hit up a new ice cream shop downtown and it didn't disappoint. friends - if you're in the area, hit up The Stil!!! just do it! not only is their ice cream just so so delicious, but you can order a beer / ice cream tasting or a wine / ice cream tasting. they come in little flights and it's the cutest thing. i'm going to need to look into seeing if they offer some sort of frequent flyer or punch card. it was delicious...and the gals and farmer enjoyed it as well.

we didn't get the gals in bed until 11pm that night. parents of the year. it doesn't matter. the girls were wonderful...and exhausted...and totally didn't get enough sleep for the early wake up call the next morning.

but as i said earlier...they absolutely nailed their flower girl duties. the cutest!

the reception was unlike any other. the bride and groom fixed up their backyard and had a giant swing, face paint, music, food, beverage, hula hoops, some fire was really unlike anything you've ever seen. totally my farmer's sister's style...and everyone had a wonderful time. especially kaye...when it was time to leave. the poor girl. i told her to give kisses and say her goodbyes. and as that was happening, she disappeared. i finally found her under a teepee crying. she was so sad to be going...and exhausted.

we made it back to the farm and i didn't move for the next...for the rest of the night. i think the girls ate wheat thins for dinner, i can't be sure.

on sunday i was like, "hey, why not start yet ANOTHER painting project! i just haven't had enough painting in my life this month." and so i did. i'm bound and determined to paint a room white with one black feature wall...just like the picture. my farmer begged me twice not to do it, but it's happening. he's convinced it's not going to be good...and i'm like - trust me. (except...i don't really trust myself.) so far i have three walls painted white and today i'll tackle operation : get rid of the mint green stripes. paint wall black. wish me all the luck.

happy week, friends.