another week, another bumpdate! and friends...i'm bumping. bumping so hard.
don't make me write an update on becoming a mom to a third girl - my brain can't take it after the day i had with the gals yesterday. 
it's not that they were necessarily awful...but more-so awful to each other (contrary to the picture above). kaye enjoys being super bossy to sawyer and sawyer is finally to the age where she's like - oh, eff you, kaye. and because kaye won't stop insisting on whatever, sawyer retaliates with some serious physical harm. once super-tough gal, kaye, launches into the most dramatic crying you've ever seen. instant tears and a look on her face like - i just don't even know why this is happening to me???? 

and yesterday - after two days in a row of me working on their new room and not directing them into some sort of constructive activity (have i created co-dependent monsters?) - apparently they had had enough and took it upon themselves to fight and scream and be generally pretty terrible to one another for about 50% of the day. the other half of the day was spent NOT listening to me. and mama doesn't like talking to brick walls. i really lost my sh*t times yesterday. it wasn't pretty.

(but really quick - a super fast peek at the before and after of their new room!)
i know, i know - you can't really see anything, but it truly is a transformed space. i love it. once i get the whole thing pulled together (???) i'll work on a post...or so i say.

but today we have some "neighbor" gals coming over to play with the girls and i'll get to work in peace and not yell and generally feel good about being 33 weeks large. oh...and i can scrape the remainder of this paint off my hands. (so much painting.) speaking of painting - i have ONE wall left in my house that needs attention. one. it's in the new guest bedroom which used to be kaye and sawyer's shared room. it currently has mint, diagonal stripes on a feature wall and those have GOT to go. i'm so sick of looking at them. any design trends i should go for? 

THE NAME GAME | ummm...i totally have a name picked out. i'm signed, sealed, delivered on it but my farmer isn't sold. whyyyyyyy?!

then he asked me yesterday why i get to have such a big vote...and i was like, "are YOU pregnant?" 


kaye's latest and greatest suggestion this week - this gal...she's cracking us up. i can't even spell the names she's been recommending. they all have a certain espaƱol flair-sound to them. like...carmelitasona or aspiosa. yeah, i don't know. but then last night she got back on the dorris train, which i personally love...because who doesn't love a baby with the name of a 102 year old. so, even though we'll probably go with the name i picked out, i can see us nicknaming this little gal...dorris.

WEIGHT GAIN / WORK OUTS | hey hey! the belly is seriously popping and i'm sitting at that 12 pound weight gain. with seven weeks to go i imagine i'll be right around the 20 pound mark upon baby arrival. i usually do a pretty solid job of putting down some milkshakes towards the end. not to mention we have family coming to town in a few weeks and i'm predicting lots of snacking and desserts. don't hold me back.
noted - this is definitely my largest bump.

working out - i bought myself an early push apple watch! i really do love the fitness tracker on it and it certainly encourages me to move more...even though i don't want to. like, ever. what i really should be doing is working out my arms and doing a bunch of squats. lord knows i'll be sitting on my rear even more once the baby is born. or, maybe i won't...we'll see. 

i'm kind of running still. kind of not. we can call it the pregnant shuffle. i can really kill a 12 minute mile. 

SYMPTOMS | not that i can really say...i call myself lucky.

the only thing that sticks out is if i forget my heartburn pill in the morning i can definitely feel it by the evening. it's terrible. 

aaaaand...maybe it feels like the baby is dropping? maybe i'm waddling a bit more? i don't know. i don't remember feeling this with the gals.

SIZE OF BABY | this little muff is the size of celery, apparently. 17 inches and 4 1/2 pounds. but maybe this baby is bigger, because my belly is bigger. and she kicks like crazy. and sometimes my whole stomach will get suuuuuper super hard...which i'm not understanding may be my very first braxton hicks? anyone? i literally never got these or didn't realize i was getting them with the girls, but maybe that's what that is? super strange.

KAYE'S THOUGHTS | my gal. she is just so sweet. if we are cuddling on the couch she'll just rub and rub and rub my belly. 

the other day i heard her talking to sawyer and say, "did you know we're going to be big sisters?!" to which sawyer replied, "yeah!" (with a fist pump. she's big on the fist pumps these days...courtesy of my farmer.)

kaye will sing original songs to my belly and talk about buying baby sister presents. but when i asked her what we should do with the baby when we go skiing this winter she was quick to say, "we'll get a babysitter." least she's logical. 

SAWYER'S THOUGHTS | if the baby survives sawyer we're going to be okay. sawyer has no thoughts on baby lately. none that i know of, anyway. she does particularly love when i belly bump her or tell her my belly is going to get her. so...there's that.
PURCHASES | we finally have the dresser and changing table refinished and moved into place. i need to snag some baskets for under the dresser and maybe purchase a few small bits and bobs, but other than that...done-zo with the purchases and the nursery as a whole. i can't wait to snag pictures of the whole thing, because with this being my third go at a girl nursery...i finally love it. 
also...i'm still on the hunt for some cute "sister" t-shirts for the gals to wear when this third one is born. 

and if anyone has any recommendations on their "must-haves" for baby gear...i'm all ears! as in - cutest, softest swaddles, best photography props...stuff like that.
CRIES THIS WEEK | no crying. i mean...i was close yesterday with the insanity of the girls and their fighting, but...i kept it together and yelled instead. because, as we know, i'm a yeller. i need to figure out a different method. 

i'm also crying silent tears for the poor right side of my head which has officially broken some serious chunks of hair. i thought i was going to get away with only some minor damage, but that's proving untrue. i DO need a haircut like whoa, so maybe once i get that taken care of it won't look so dramatic. 

ps. did you see the gender reveal video i posted several weeks ago? i still can't get enough of it.