good morning! after yet another terrible night of sleep i'm looking forward going to the doctor today to have him tell me the very best news...that i'm in labor and he can't send me home.

the odds of that happening are slim to none.

the odds of me having words with my farmer about turning the AC off last night? great to really great. i couldn't figure out why i couldn't sleep last night. i thought i was just dealing with yet another pregnancy crazy heat stroke...but no. i woke up this morning to find our thermostat turned up. no WONDER i was getting hot flashes ALL. NIGHT. LONG...and literally sweating.

friends...pregnancy is not glamorous (on me)...and that glow...that's not a glow. that's sweat.

farmer - please please do NOT touch the thermostat for one more week. i am supreme ruler of the thermostat and no other shall challenge me or you will lose an appendage. like a finger...or something.

okay, so back to the weekend - a few months ago my farmer asked if i thought it would be okay if he went on a little rafting trip with some of his high school buddies (he has the very very best high school friends). knowing my track record of not going into labor and not having the girls early...i knew we'd be just fine.

i got in my head that i wanted one final girl's day. a day i could pack full of air conditioned fun for my two best gals...before we all have to deal with hauling a baby around. because...let's face it. that's going to add a level of complication we haven't had to deal with for awhile.

so when the farmer left for his "baby shower" down the river, the gals and i threw on some dresses and headed to the big city - starting with brunch. we dined on crab scramble and french toast brioche. the girls enjoyed hot chocolate (heavy on the whipped cream). i enjoyed a mimosa (heavy on the champagne). the girls were so good at breakfast i couldn't help but think - oh mercy. what's this third one going to be like? will brunching and champagne with THREE of my best gals be in my future? 

after brunch we stepped outside the restaurant for the farmer's market. it happens every weekend in downtown boise...but this is the first weekend we've made it. so...many...people - but the girls, being the social butterflies they are, love all the hustle and bustle. after buying my gals a balloon animal and my farmer his beloved ginger beer (it's a problem. it's an addiction.), mama was getting hot so we headed to the fountain.

it started off great because the gals were running in between the rows of water and laughing and yelling and having the very best time. i sat in the stroller and took pictures. ( a stroller that's large enough that you can sit in it.) unfortunately, after about 10 minutes of fun, some behemoth blocked sawyer on top of one of the spouts and quite literally held her there. she was completely, 100% soaked. she looked at me like - why did that just happen? poor gal. i scanned the crowd for his adult...with no luck.

so the gals and i took off to buy a new, dry dress for sawyer. and as luck would have it, gap was having a great sale and i bought both girls dresses for $5 each. that's a win. with new dresses on we headed for mani / pedis.

if there is one thing that's cute - it's watching your two best gals pick out their favorite polish colors and hold perfectly still while they get their tiny nails painted. sawyer couldn't have been more pleased with herself...and kaye really wanted to figure out the massage chair. they kept asking me if i was going to get my nails done...and i was like - mama will be back when i can sit here for an hour and read a magazine and not be distracted by the two cutest gals. (so that's what i'm doing today while they are at school.)

neeeext on the agenda, kaye reminded me that i had been promising to take them back to see the sharks. so we popped into the discovery center, which really is such a good time for kids no matter how many times they've been. if you're local to boise - buy the family pass. it's worth it. the girls ran around playing with all the interactive exhibits and we finished up by watching a science demonstration. the guy was showing the kids how to make a cloud inside / make it rain...and the very best part was whenever he would ask a question kaye would raise her hand and give an answer...without being called on. sometimes she was kind-of correct...but usually totally not in the same ballpark. he was asking so many questions to all the kids, and kaye was so happy to share her knowledge that at one point i had to step into the front row (where the girls were sitting) and tell kaye that she needed to give the other kids time to answer. i'm going to say she gets her zest for learning from her farmer - that and the fact that there isn't a shy bone in her body.

okay! after i finally talked the girls into leaving the discovery center we had to do one mommy errand and hit costco. it was a zoo. the samples were great. i had an old lady ask me what i was going to name my baby and then proceed to tell me the names i was considering weren't great and what about blah, blah and blah. and i was like...i'm sweating. you're old. i'm not going to argue with you that marcie isn't going to make the list, but thank you for your input.

we finally made it back to the farm, and after unloading all the groceries...i didn't move for the rest of the day.

you would think all that action might put me in some sort of labor? or at least get me a braxton hicks or something? i don't think so.

so the next day, with my farmer still being on his river trip i decided to wash all of our windows inside and out. living on a farm we'll forever have dirty windows...what with all the wind and dust and the storms that come through. pair that with the fact that we quite literally have 24 giant windows (up and down)...i thought maybe that might score me a few contractions. it didn't. just a lot of sweat. but now i have clean windows, so it was a win in the end.

and here we are today. girl's day in the books. my farmer had the very best time with his buddies on the river. my two best gals are sooooo ready for this baby. and i'll be snagging myself a mani / pedi today as a final to-do before the baby comes. oh - we do have one more the baby. still hasn't happened, but my farmer's latest suggestions were - Rihanna Diamond (he's hilarious) and Riken. he also threw in Wren...but it's too literal for me.

send all your good thoughts that the doctor is going to tell me this morning that, yes, i will be having a baby in the next few days.