enjoy a room reveal / updated decor? read on!
in my zest for getting all things baby ready (which included digging out an old infant car seat / baby swing / asking my sister for all our newborn clothing back / nursery overhaul...the list goes on) i knew i also needed to FINALLY get the girls out of kaye's old bedroom and move them over to the larger bedroom downstairs.

they were looking pretty cramped in the smaller space and i can't even tell you how over the diagonal mint stripes i was. every time i would walk into their room i would cringe. it was like a seizure for my eyes. no thanks. i blame that moment of painting insanity on being seven months pregnant with sawyer. feast your eyes...

it was just all...ah! and wham! and pink! and teal! and really...just in your face. it's amazing they were able to get any sleep in there.

i will say - diagonal stripes are a real b-face to paint, so i'd recommend not.

sooooo...what does any perfectly sane eight months pregnant gal do? i got to work. i moved their twin beds out, the dresser had already been moved upstairs to the nursery, and i was ready for business.

naturally, i chose black to go over the mint stripes...and in a moment of gusto i decided to paint the remaining three walls white...instead of the neutral creamy/sandy color they already were.
first up...kaye and sawyer's old shared bedroom...which was originally kaye's bedroom when sawyer was still in the nursery upstairs.

and let me tell you...at this point i was second guessing my motivation. buuut...i saved those green stripes for last and eventually got my revenge.

my farmer had all the doubt in the world when i told him i was painting a wall black. in fact, i believe he politely asked me to NOT paint the wall black. buuut, i did. i did and i don't regret it. and he doesn't regret it either. and while there's still quite a bit of work to be done in this room, my farmer had the great idea to get some photos of the farm blown up to hang over the bed and dresser. love that idea. i also want to change the plate covers over to brass and update the bedding. but...blah. at 39 weeks pregnant i've lost the fever.

now that the guest bed was out of the big bedroom, i was ready to get after the painting project in the gal's new room. 
first things first...i taped off where i wanted the color separation to be. i'm calling this method the "poor man's chair rail"...or we could look at it as "geometric paint styling"...? or something? regardless, the top was to be white and the bottom a very pale pink. i even got kaye into some painting clothes and put her to work. and by this i really mean - she beggggggged me and begged me, but my severely type A personality wanted my best gal nowhere near a paint roller. alas...i gave in and both kaye and sawyer rolled out some square footage.

after one solid day of painting and then a few more hours of trimming and third coating and touching up, i had another painted room that was ready for some furniture. 
i put the beds back together and then strongly considered waiting for my farmer to get home to help me move the dresser...but then i didn't, because, who has time for that?

i wish i had a really great straight on of the beds and dresser, but there was just no great way to photograph it because that wall is 20+ feet long. however, let me list some goodies that i'm i'm in love with...

that chandelier. it's wooden beads with a little tassel. it was a labor of love to hang, but trust me...when it's dark and you turn it on, it casts the sweetest dots all around the room. love!
another love that you can't really see...the picture just doesn't do it justice! the pom pom trimmed curtains. not only that, but they are blackouts, which is a MUST for idaho, considering it stays light until 10 am during the summer.

i've probably failed to mention, but this room is quite quite awkward.  the window at the bottom of sawyer's bed is the only window. the air duct soffit that spans the length of the room over the girl's beds drives me crazy...but what can you do?

and to top it all off...this room doesn't have a closet...so there's that to deal with here in the near future.

one option i've been thinking about is building one giant closet that spans the wall opposite the beds.

the other option i thought of was putting the closet on the window wall. so basically moving the beds elsewhere and then building the closet up to the point of the window and then underneath the window adding a reading nook or a built in desk? i don't know...for now, their hanging clothes are in their old closet right next door and it works just fine. so...about five years from now (because that's how we roll) we'll get them set up with a closet.
i allllso really want to get a rug for the room. while the brownish / greyish / coffeeish color of carpet is great for hiding all the things...i'd love to add just that much more light and bright to the room. maybe another geometric pattern to match the lines on the walls.

it will literally have to be the most giant of rugs, though...and i'm not sure i'm prepared to fork over that kind of cash for a kid's room.

the very best part of it all - the piece that makes all the hard work and uncomfortable bending and squatting and climbing and heavy lifting worth it...

the girls adore their new space. they tell me it's beautiful and spend more time there than they did in their old room...and that in and of itself is worth it's weight in gold...or however that saying goes?

did you see the nursery reveal that i finished a few weeks before i tackled these projects?

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