in all these fun years of blogging i have quite the backlog of arsenal. so today i wanted to do a little fall round-up of all my favorite posts from past fall seasons.

not only that, but i'd just love to get back into the swing of things with work and blogging and getting dressed and squeezing in workouts and you know...normalcy. and i figured the easiest way to ease back into the blogging is to cheat and use content you've already made. soooo...first up are the cutest unicorns you ever did see...

are you on the hunt for the easiest costume ever? make your best gal a unicorn. i found the horn on etsy and made the tail out of tulle and elastic found at the craft store.

DIY Unicorn Costume

need to fill an afternoon? pumpkin patches never disappoint. double-bonus if you find one in a teeny-tiny town (like ours) that rarely has anyone in attendance during the week!

Pumpkin Patch

are you having yourself a little halloween party this year? download my FREE invitation and printable banner!

Free Halloween Party Invitation + Printable Banner

another ridiculously cute fall printable...

Found Here

ever go to pinterest to find a recipe you're not sure which one to try because the search results are overwhelming? look no further for the very most perfect and delicious pie crust.'s so so good. one word - butter.

The Perfect Pie Crust

going through these posts i cannot believe how little kaye was and that sawyer was in my belly. wild what a few years can do...and how quickly time passes. here is a post on some simple fall decor plus a toddler art project!

Fall Decor + Toddler Canvas Art

do you like the idea of chalkboard art? here's an easy one to copy and a quick tutorial on how i do mine! (spoiler...i cheat...a lot.)

Chalkboard Art Decor DIY

i'm ALL about cooking when the weather turns chilly. give me all the casseroles / crockpot meals / comfort food. yes. here's a post of my favorite recipes to bring out after the weather turns.

Chilly Weather Recipes

happy fall weather! i'm absolutely LOVING it! the girls and i have been taking walks outside. the mosquitos are FINALLY gone...and best of all - i've stopped sweating.

and absolutely do not hesitate to make this beyond delicious Pumpkin Soup. i always pair it with a grilled cheese on sourdough and it never disappoints!

okay! happiest monday and check back here tomorrow (i'm pretty sure tomorrow) for a little pictorial on our annual visit to our little, local pumpkin patch. it never disappoints!