and just like that...four weeks came and went. in those four weeks we welcomed our elliott, celebrated my farmer's birthday, my birthday, and started corn harvest.

now that i have that typed out, it really doesn't seem like we've been that busy...but it's flying by.

let's start with those initial weeks home. if you read elli's birth story you know that her arrival was picture perfect. i was induced and had her about six hours later. we stayed in the hospital one night and were home by the following afternoon.

the strange part was...i didn't remember feeling this beat up after kaye or sawyer. i had some seriously horrific hip-flexor pain that has plagued me up until just a few days ago. it actually made it pretty painful to walk on most days. so strange, considering i felt "normal" after just a couple of weeks with kaye and sawyer.

there are other super not glamorous recovery bits that could be discussed, but just know...this third round was by far the hardest. whether it was because she was bigger than sawyer or because i have three kids at home and i was trying my best to play with them, feed them, take them to school, was just a harder healing process. pair that with the fact that wearing a pad sucks just about worse than anything. was making me go crazy. can i get an amen?

but blah blah blah...that's in the past now and life has resumed...except now we're taking "breaks" every hour (or so it seems) to nurse. sometimes it's an hour...sometimes it's two or three. and in just takes a little bit longer to get tasks complete and / or leave the house.


nicknames | the baby (quite literal), sweet girl, elli

weight | eight pounds...but i think she would weigh more if it weren't for her epic epic, world record breaking poo two evenings ago. i should also note he feet are huge and her fingers are so long. i truly believe she'll be in bigger shoes than sawyer within the first two years. (sawyer is three and still in a size five.) elli is also super tall. while i'm not positive on her height (21" at birth)...she's probably grown 10 inches since.

sleep | we have another sleepy muffin on our hands. and while elli isn't as sleepy as sawyer was, she's a far better sleeper than kaye. (sawyer would sleep for about 23 hours a day...or so it seemed, and kaye would only sleep if i was holding her.)

elli, while sleepy, will wake for several hours a day and with her giant, blue peepers watch us all like we're insane. she also wakes super consistently for eating...girlfriend is never about to miss a meal, and she also definitely doesn't like her diaper to be wet. so as long as food and wetness are taken care of, she's either sleeping or happy.

elli also has the sweetest smile and giggle while she dreams. i die! that sweet smile also reveals a little dimple on her left cheek that neither girl has. can you outgrow dimples? i hope not!

eats | i'm so relieved to say...we have a great eater on our hands. maybe it's her...maybe it's our teamwork, but nursing has been progressively easier with each gal. and for the cherry on top...hey hey calorie burn. love that.

loves | oh LOVE to sleep on your farmer's chest. it's like a sleeping potion for you. you also enjoy when kaye sings to you...and she sings to you A LOT. all original songs, and they usually consist of some combination of lyrics that include - sweet baby girl, you are the sweetest, i love you... - it's adorable. and while we're at it - sawyer loves you too, but i'm not certain you love sawyer...yet. maybe it's because she likes holding you but then shoves you off her lap after five seconds or less. and dare i also love me. you love cuddling during late night nursing sessions, and i love it too. i actually stay awake longer so i can steal those quiet moments with you while you snooze.

dislikes | wet / dirty diapers, not being burped. you definitely need burped every single time you eat. oh! and it should also be toot. a lot.

elli - you're just too sweet for words. we absolutely adore you and while i want you to be a muffiny newborn forever...i also cannot wait to watch you grow up with your sisters.