say hello to the fastest five years of my life. truly...the days are long, but the years are short. like lightening. and i can only imagine how much faster they'll go now that we have a third girl in tow.
ps. you look so much like ellie here
i was tucking kaye into bed last night and teasing her about how she couldn't turn five. i wasn't going to let her. she had to stay four forever. she thought this was so funny. hahaha. but...i was serious.

just stop. stop getting taller. stop losing your sweet baby look. stop writing your letters. stop drawing amazing pictures. just stop growing up.

to the girl who made me a mom. i was nearly two weeks overdue with you and i could not wait to get you out. i was like...come on girlfriend. any day now. but, true to stubborn didn't want to leave on your own, and on october 30th, 2012 i cried when i met you.

to the newborn who was...not the cutest. but guess what? your farmer and i couldn't see it. you were absolute perfection...even with your crossed eyes. (seriously...your eyes were crossed for like...two weeks.)

to my first baby who wouldn't sleep unless you were in my arms. this could have been a new mom fail or this could have been just your preference...but you literally wouldn't sleep longer than 20 minute chunks unless i was holding you. at the time it was frustrating. now...i thank you for my super strong left arm and i'm grateful i cuddled you all those hours.

to my my turtle (we called you turtle for over three years) who grew up waaaaay too fast. walking at nine months? was that necessary?! plus you've always been so so tall. i'll say it again...just stop growing up.

to my best gal who with your big blue eyes (where did those come from?) and your super curly hair (where did that come from?) and your artistic ability (didn't get that from me!) and your no-fear attitude (also not from me)...if i didn't see you being born i'd wonder if you were mine. but thank god you are...because you give me so much to brag about.

to  my sensitive turtle. you have such a tender heart. i'm working on toughening you up because you're so very very quick to frustration if something doesn't come easily to you. but that says something, because you're basically a natural at everything.

but not only that - you also care so very deeply and you like to make sure the people around you are happy.

to my joke-teller. you love to try and make us laugh...even though you haven't quite grasped the art of the punchline just yet. you usually test all your jokes out at meal time when you should be eating.

speaking of'll do everything you can to avoid eating dinner. breakfast and lunch? no problem. dinner? you tell me whatever i'm making every single night looks disgusting. so...when we're all seated and i remind you for the fiftieth time to eat your food (that is cold) you choose to tell us stories or jokes instead.

to the ridiculously amazing big sister. i can't say enough about this. and i think you know it too. you call yourself a "double big sister" and you're pretty much a rockstar at it.

to my five year old who goes through a ream of paper every ten days. you LOVE love love to draw. you have hung your art all over the house. you drew baby ellie dozens of pictures before she was even born. you could spend hours a day creating, cutting, gluing, drawing...i love your zest for the arts.

to my ridiculously brave, up for anything first born. you're just not cautious. you never have been. you trust your judgement and your ability whole-heartedly. your farmer and i fully appreciate this because we never have to prod or talk you into anything (unlike your little sister, eh-hum...).

to my bossy-pants. oh lord, you are bossy. and guess who doesn't like being bossed? sawyer. please stop bossing her. oh...and please stop bossing me as well. i'm your mom. but please do keep being so loving and sensitive and helpful and athletic and brave and absolutely the very best thing in this world.

to my girl with the curly hair, the longest eyelashes and the sweetest heart...

happy birthday.

some more photos of our five years with  our sweet gal, kaye