i'm popping in this morning to shout it out that my sawyer muff is THREE! three, my friends. we did it.

to the girl who was born at 6 pounds 3 ounces. my tiniest little muffin.

to the sweetness that made kaye a big sister and made transitioning to mom of two the easiest EVER because you basically slept the first six months of your life.

to my magic baby (magic because everything that was difficult about kaye you made easy) who i couldn't believe actually existed. sleep was easy. nursing was easy. you were always quick to smile. oh...and you were the most beautiful baby. your farmer and i couldn't believe you didn't have a mark on you when you were born.

to my bitty boo who decided at the age of one that you actually DO have an opinion about everything and you DO like things very specific ways.

to my best gal who has the very tiniest of feet. at three you're still wearing just a size six.

to  my ham. you really are a ham. you love being funny and making us smile. i think you'll be the comedic relief in the family.

to my particular girl. did you know that up until just a few weeks ago you raaaaarely let me hold you? if your farmer was in the room it was always him. luckily you've taken a turn and you started letting me look at you...and hold you...and you're acknowledging my presence again.

to my three year old who has taken to carrying a barbie around. you like to make your barbie eat your food, play the ipad, drive her barbie jeep...literally with her own hand. you're very realistic with the whole process. it cracks us up. you take her little barbie hand and steer. you take her little barbie hand and tap the icons. it's hilarious.

sawyer muffy-muff bitty-boo-boo-la-roo. we absolutely adore you on your third birthday and every day before and every day since. you're a preeeeety good little sister (you guys fight here and there, but it's getting better) and you've transitioned into a WONDERFUL big sister. you love "booping" elli's nose...and i love watching you. you also give elli her binki, make sure she stays warm, always kiss the back of her head, and often try to tickle her toes. it's been wonderful to watch you become such a big girl.

to my girl with the bluest eyes and longest eyelashes, hardest head and the very best underbite smile...

happy birthday my sweet girl.

some more photos of our third year with sawyer-muff