have fun with this printable and record your memories from 2017!

as a blogger it's sooooo fun to look back on what you've written about for the past year. ESPECIALLY when your kids are growing like crazy and acting like wild animals and making you laugh and making you cry and making you drink.

(all the things.)

first things first - last year i recorded kaye's answers on this printable and i updated it for 2017 and you can find that here!

so it's time to recap my favorite happenings from 2017 as we are just days away from ringing in a fresh 2018.

last year was an epic snow year for idaho. it just seemed to dump and dump...which my farmer and i loved. kaye loved it a little bit and sawyer...not so much. i believe those kind of conditions make your first ski outing slightly difficult. read about sawyer's slope style here.

the time i flew to california to interview for a job with Pollinate and got sick on the plane, did my interview, got the job!, and then flew home.

and then there was the huge surprise of me being pregnant. good lord...that was a shocker. we found out in january (or was it february?) but didn't spill the beans to anyone until march.

a fun vacation to mccall - which never ever gets old.

and quite possibly my favorite! when kaye announced the gender of her soon to be sibling! (the BEST video. and there's also a gender reveal printable!)

a super fun 4th of july celebration.

another vacation to mccall...and then another one (ps. i'm still working on talking my farmer into buying me a pontoon boat. they really are the way to go.)

the day i took the girls to do all the things because i wanted to have a special day before the baby arrived.

elli's nursery revamp.

the girls' big girl room reveal.

when amy encouraged me to do a bump shoot with my two best gals and she took some amazing pictures. i'm so glad this happened.

and then a few days later i had elli...

sawyer turned three and kaye turned five.

pumpkin patches and halloween...with the cutest kitty cats i've ever seen!

and finally...our family pictures...which i've decided my 2018 resolution is to NOT get family pictures taken. it's too hard. (i already know i'll fail at this one.)

it's been an absolutely WONDERFUL year...from the addition to elliot to watching kaye and saywer grow and become amazing sisters (not to each other...but to elli). cheers to 2018!

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