here's a fun printable to use the night before christmas to write a letter to santa!

a super quick happy friday! christmas is touchable...just a few days away. i don't know who's more excited...kaye or me. i'm nearly positive it's me.

anyway, last year as i was scavenging the house for a scrap piece of paper for the girls to "write" their letter to santa on (why we had no paper handy is beyond me?) i decided i wanted to whip up a little printable so that it seemed a little more special and thought out. and of course it's available for your kiddos too! (or if you don't have kids and you write a letter all means.

just click here to bring up the sheet and print. simple.

and if you're feeling the holiday spirit - share this blog post with your friends or pin it for future years! (pinnable image below)