oh hey flash back! this was sawyer just about three years ago. she had been tacking food food for a few months and i was getting creative in the kitchen with her and the blends i was whipping up.

now that elli is one giant baby and is showing all the interest in the world in food...i'm once again getting ready to get my blending on.

the only change will be a different blender. while this one works wonderful for blending baby food...it DOES NOT last when you're blending smoothies full of frozen fruit. that motor burned right out. i'm certainly in the market for a vitamix...but $500? is it worth it?

anyway...as i was saying, i'm about to start blending again and i thought i would revamp my little recipes and share them again. enjoy the blast from the past...

i have glorious fresh produce on hand much more often these days, and since sawyer is eating more and more solid food, i decided i was going to dabble in making her food.

those pouches she was downing aren't cheap. if you get them on sale they can still be $1.30 p/pouch...and if girlfriend is eating two a day...and kaye snacks on one, that's nearly $4 p/day on pouches. multiply that for the month and you're looking at a $120 bill.

this is all to say - i have zero clue how much it costs me to make sawyer's food, but it HAS to be cheaper than the pouches, right? i sure hope so.

today i'm sharing some of sawyer's favorite blends i've put together...and people, it's so easy. a lot of times i just use what we're already eating and either add in something i think is missing or omit the food she isn't eating yet...like dairy.

the blend shown below is the blueberry + avocado + baby spinach. 

if you ever happen to blend this up, baby or not, it's good. it's creamy. you're going to love it. i was seriously shocked at how creamy avocado makes food. 

the only downfall to using avocado in recipes is that it browns quickly and gets an old taste. know the one i'm talking about?

but, if your babe is like my sawyer...the food will be gone in a blink.

no bad avocado taste around here.
i use the baby bullet around these parts.

honestly, it gets the job done, but i'm SURE there are better food processors out there.

i bought this used one amazon for like...$30. if i had spent the full price i would be pissed.

what i don't like? it's small and i usually have to shake it to get the food completely blended. whatever...it gets it done.
the storage containers have a handy date // twist system so you know when you made the food. this is good for me since food tends to get pushed to the back of our fridge.

i think it's safe to say this food didn't last very long. sawyer had it down the hatch in a matter of moments.
all in all...i'm basically like the very best baby food chef ever. basically.

sawyer loves the blends...and kaye will now eat food i never could get her to before, like avocado.

(who doesn't like avocado?!)

have you dabbled in baby food making? if so, i'd love some more recipe ideas!

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