a sweet, monthly update of our third daughter, elliot.

here we are, just one month shy of her half birthday. where does time go? we're well beyond the point of saying - this many weeks old!

with that said - people do look at me pretty surprised when i tell them she's five months old. i know...i know - she's a giant baby.

need to get caught up? you can find elli's birth story here.

aside from being super tired for most of january (i'm talking about me), january flew by. absolutely flew. we had the trip to arizona at the start, then the big girls went back to school. throw in some swimming, some work, and a quick trip to mccall and we're already one week into february.

and guess what? elli is absolute game for it all. she just...hangs out. is it mean to say blob baby. she's just so quiet and content. i have a theory behind her contentedness - there is so so very much going on in our house on a daily basis there's no time to be bored. there is time to get sleepy, however.

i think her sisters wear her out...in a big way. several times this month my sweet gal took three hour naps. it got to the point where i just opened her door in hopes of the noise waking her. it didn't. but i completely understand - those big girls wear me out too...big time.


nicknames | boobies as a nickname stuck! i also call her sweet baby girl and baby elli.

size | okay - we've slowed down just ever so slightly. i mean...kind of. last month she was comfortable in her 6 - 9 month jammies and this month we're...tight on the toes and short on the sleeves. buuuuut...she can still wear them. she has to wear them until it gets a little warmer, because all her next sizing of clothing is for the spring and summer.

she'll have her next well-baby appointment in two weeks, so for now i'm guesstimating that our gal is quite tall, but not as chubby at right around 16.5 pounds. (that's average, right?)

milestones | lots of rolling, but still no teeth! she's practicing sitting up and can do a great job for exactly one second...and then she's down. i'm thinking that belly will come to good use eventually as it will help her center of gravity.

sleep | last month i said she wasn't a great sleeper? this month...fist pump! she's a great sleeper. oooooh! aside from when she learned to roll from back to tummy. we could not keep that girl on her back or side for sleeping. she kept rolling to her tummy which would make her upset which would knock out her binkie which would cause lots of crying...it was a whole thing for about a week...but she's back. her naps are between 45 min to an hour and a half (except those two three hour naps). she'll nap three times a day and then go to bed between 6 and 6:30 pm. and she definitely lets you know when it's time. we're talking immediate eye rubs and fussing and she basically signals that we have less than 30 seconds to get her to her crib or things are going to be in a bad way. i appreciate her clarity and directness.

eats | girlfriend is a great eater...still. our nursing sessions have decreased in time significantly and only last about ten minutes or less...unless i can convince her to go longer because i'd rather sit and cuddle.

oh! and i also slipped her the tiniest smidgen of avocado a few days ago. that face when they get their first real food is priceless. after a few tries she worked it down. she definitely knows that a spoon in her face means open your mouth.

loves | oh mercy...elli absolutely adores her sisters...particularly kaye at this moment. kaye can make her belly laugh and squeal. it's all the smiles and coos in the world. and the best part...kaye enjoys playing with her which makes getting dinner made...significantly easier. i've also been so proud of my sawyer girl. at three years old...she loves baby elli. she also loves helping me with baby elli.

elli has also decided that she loves to sing and babble. she loves being cuddled by her farmer or working with her farmer or driving with her farmer or...basically anything farmer. weird...i didn't see that coming.

dislikes | girlfriend doesn't enjoy too much action right in her face. those sisters can be suuuuper overwhelming at times. file with that - loud, abrupt noises.
elli girl - you've woken up quite a bit the past month. you've certainly found your voice. we're learning so much about you each day and it just makes us adore you more...and more...and more.