This is a Free Popcorn Valentine Printable that are easy to put together and perfect for kids to hand out at their school Valentine’s Day party!

i know i know. my farmer already made fun of me for prepping class valentines nearly a month prior to the holiday. i assured him these were just pre valentines. duh. i had to mock it up so you all could see just how cute this little free printable can be!

downloads : front and back
you see...i'm really trying to get my act together. to say the school learning curve has been steep would be an understatement. i feel like i'm always late to the proverbial party / scrambling to get all the special whatevers together for whatever holiday is happening. i swear i don't remember having this many parties when i was in school. 

so valentine's day. this is the holiday i'd like to have my sh*t together. which is why i snazzied up this super cute FREE classroom valentine to use at your leisure. (downloads : front and backattach it to an unpopped bag of popcorn. attach it like i did. attach it to a cakepop. attach it to a confetti popper. do your thing. you do you.

basically, all you have to do is click here to download your printable. i have it set up four to a page. there's a backer download as well with cute little hearts. i recommend using a local printer or a fedex / kinkos will do a decent job too! (just be sure to use the thickest, non-gloss paper they offer.)

(note : these cards are 3.5" x 3.5")
then, i just purchased some baggies and bakers twin on amazon, popped some popcorn and voilĂ ! your valentine, eh-hum, your child's valentine is ready to roll and it totally looks like maximum effort. riiiight?
oh! and if you want to take it to the next level, add in some valentine colored m&m's. salty and sweet - it's a no-fail combo.
and since you're probably not quiiiite ready to get your valentine on (or maybe you are???) feel free to pin this for later!

also - if you would prefer the individual downloads (for online printing) click here for the front and here for the backer!

pin me!