and by lemons i mean - it's cold outside. it's definitely winter, and yet, no snow. why, idaho? why?

so, because there's been a horrific lack of snow and because we just got back from arizona we stayed close to the farm this past weekend. it was nice. i cooked. i cleaned a little. i went for a run. and i think the girls liked it too. sawyer took some epic naps. elli decided she wanted to roll from tummy to back...and then back to tummy as well. all sorts of things happening.

but then our farmer decided he wanted to take the big girls to the sand dunes. you see...about 10 minutes from our house boasts some absolutely enormous sand dunes. people come from all over to experience them. there's even a big race called the bruneau beast that i have yet to work up the courage to run.

anyway - my farmer said he was taking the big girls to give me a break, but i decided i didn't want to miss out on sawyer throwing epic epic fits because she couldn't climb the hill or kaye crying because there was sand in her i tagged along.

we got there and the very first thing we realized is that we were bad parents because we didn't have a sled. that's right, friends. you can slide down the sand on a snow sled. there were other families there having all sorts of fun with their snow sleds and sand toys. #parentfail

buuuut...what does any self-respecting idahoan do? they share. that's right...some fellow parents bailed us out and loaned us their extra sled. so so very kind!

(but don't worry - i brought my nice camera to capture all the pictures! my camera that had absolutely no business being anywhere near sand. #idiot)

with sled in hand, we started the climb to the top of the sand dune. my farmer was carrying elli, kaye was digging in, and i was hanging with sawyer ready to tell her, "no crying. your legs aren't broken. the sand is nice. let mommy help you." anything to get her up the hill. but...what did she do? she climbed the entire thing by herself! no complaints. no crying. she just kept saying, "i'm a bear!" and then continued her bear crawl. it truly was the craziest thing. so so unlike our gal. i could not have been more proud.

in fact - sawyer climbed the entire hill with minimal help quite a few times. she loved the whole thing. kaye was a trooper too. the girls loved the feel of the sand on their feet and loved sledding down the hill even more.

so, even though my farmer offered to take the big girls to give me a little break, i'm so glad i didn't miss out. i've already amazoned the fastest possible longer the bad parents. i also may work up the courage to run the bruneau beast this year. or maybe not.