just a quick drop in to share a story about pretend makeup and the sweetest sisters...most of the time.

they aren't the sweetest sisters in the world. well, maybe elli is. but what i can say is elli is by far the most loved member of our family. her sisters juuuuust adoooooore her. they absolutely cannot get enough.

let me rewind...

several weeks ago a company contacted me and said they were going to send me some pretend makeup in exchange for an instagram post...and since companies aren't exactly banging my door down, i was like...yeah. my gals will love that.

fast forward to the day the makeup arrived and i told my girls that i just needed to get a few shots of them playing with the makeup before they lost all the pieces.

kaye stopped me in my tracks and said, "i have a great idea! let's put makeup on elli!"

and you know what...i cannot argue with that. it was waaaaay cuter than my idea. so all of a sudden elli was in on the shoot, all girls were dressed, hair brushed, and appropriately girl-i-fied - aka - ready for their make-up.

while i can't say their technique was good or gentle, it certainly was captivating considering they had elli on the hook the entire time. girlfriend can't get enough of her older playmates and i hope my older gals continue their love affair with her, too.

speaking of the older two - watching their relationship with each other is magic. besides the fact that they can be bitter enemies 'til the end, they are definitely best friends. sawyer thinks kaye is hilarious and kaye loves the fact that sawyer is game for just about any idea she has. i often hear throughout the day,

"sawyer, let's pretend..."

and then sawyer will respond, "oh kaye - i like that idea!"

then they disappear behind a chair or downstairs or in our walk-in closet for...hours. sometimes i wonder if that makes me a bad mom or the greatest mom? i'm going to go with a modest good mom.  i mean...i'm the one who said on repeat for over a year, "sisters are best friends," and "go play with your sister." it's totally paid off.

and i'm not even sure if i can talk about the past seven months without it getting dusty in here. (dusty = crying. i'm crying, people.) elli is nearly seven months. that makes kaye nearly 5 1/2 and sawyer 3 1/2. how does this even happen? kaye with her long arms and skinny legs. sawyer reciting the pledge of allegiance and her abc's. i just...just stop it.

so now that i have these three girls and these three girls are letting me take pictures of them...AND the littlest sister just happens to be ridiculously photogenic...i can't get enough.

the only thing that could have made this photoshoot better was if elli was a boy and his big sisters were slapping real makeup all over his face. buuuuuuut...that shipped has sailed.