looking for last minute easter decor you can print at home and throw in a frame? i've gotcha covered.

okay okay okay...i just can't help myself. i have this acrylic frame that sits right in our main living area and i change the picture out seasonally...but i didn't have anything for easter. and what with easter being, uh, days away (hi procrastination)...it was driving me crazy that it still had some old valentine's crap going on.

this is exactly why i whipped up some bunnies just in time for easter festivities to share with the masses. and by masses i mean the 14 people who read my blog. one of which is my farmer...and he only reads it sometimes. when i tell him to. and text him the link.

bonus...the colors match that easter banner i put together a couple of weeks ago. remember...this one?

you can print your very own banner by clicking here to download.
also seen here gracing the mini kitchen sitting in our living room that i desperately want to move downstairs but have yet to muster up the motivation to do so. yessss...that banner.
so now all you have to do is click here to snag this one pager. it prints right on a regular sheet of printer paper and will fit in an 8x10" frame. i'll probably go with a thicker cardstock...i love paper with some weight.