sunday. during farming season i sooooo look forward to either saturday or sunday. we really never know which it's going to be. this past was sunday.

we had some friends from boise coming to the farm and then...naturally...we talked amy and her crew into hanging with us, because #arrangedmarriages. (seriously...the odds of one of our girls and one of their boys at least going on a date is a solid possibility. we live in a town of just over 100, so...

or maybe the whole thing will backfire and it'll be like my girls have three brothers. regardless...

regardless we all headed to our friendly, local sand dunes. i even made a special trip to town to buy some super speedy sleds, you know, to heighten the danger-factor. and guess what?! it worked!

(ps. i have zero pictures of kaye...she was far too busy impressing all her boyfriends. like this guy...)

(and maybe this guy when he gets a few years older...)

we had five adults (our boise friend's wife had a soccer game, so he was solo dadding) and nine (NINE!) children...and all of them had to make it up a giant sand dune. i'm not sure what it is about sawyer and sand dunes, but she loves them. you would think the combination of hard work, sand in her ears, eyes, nose, etc, and just her general meh-ness would turn her into a train wreck, but girlfriend loves it. some kids got carried. some kids had their hands held. in kaye's case i would climb up to her and then give her a big shove on the booty...we repeated that over and over and over until she was up.

everyone was having a great time. kids were running around. kaye was attacked by a a sweet way. i feel like i even got a little workout. we were just on the verge of leaving when sawyer and her little boise friend, harper, were sent (by my hands) on one more trip down the dune. it must have been some super speedy sand because they took off and were picking up speed. jake (boise dad) was near the bottom and as parents at the top we said, "stop them!" as they headed for the rocks. because, i mean, scraping your three year old up off the rocks bloodies and beaten just did not seem like the most fun thing to do on a sunday. so, like any hulk-dad would do, he stopped them.

they were obviously going way faster than any of us would have liked because our two sweet three year olds went flying. sawyer cartwheeled out of the back of the sled and landed in the rocks anyway. and sweet harper...we're just not quite sure what happened, but somehow she hurt her leg.

i hustled down and grabbed sawyer. she was quick to recover after a bottled water bath to remove the sand from her teeth, nose, and eyes. we walked over to harper and her dad and she was still so so sad. jake knew she had done something bad and decided to take off back to boise.

we received a text later saying she had broken her tibia and would be casted above the knee. all i could think was 1. how terrible i felt for sweet harper and 2. how easily that could have been sawyer. it's just not fun no matter how you shake it.

(that's not's ginger beer...which is also the first taste of "soda" sawyer's ever had and i'm the crazy mom who's miffed about it. but apparently it makes her super sweet)

i guess that's what we get for getting our kids outside doing all those dangerous, active things. we probably should have just plopped them down with some ipads. so much safer. i'm kidding...

but once we got back to the house we cooked up some pizza and the kids got right to work on their art skills, so...i'd say that's some solid parenting.

what's your favorite weekend activity? do you clean / laundry / stay around the house? adventure plan? tell me in the comments!