a sweet, monthly update of our third daughter, elliot.

let's all have a single tear for my baby...who is far too quickly growing out of all her baby-ness. actually, that's a lie. she's still very much a baby. six months of baby, in fact. i see so much baby in every single roll on her body.

her chubby wrists. her big edible cheeks. her saggy boobs. oh...those chubby boobies. they are the best. i kind of want her naked all the time so i can just see all her chubby nakedness.

gah - why do i say weird things?! moms...tell me i'm not alone!?

need to get caught up? you can find elli's birth story here.

okay - mommy weirdness aside, my gal has grown so much in her sixth month. february was a fun one. elli had her first valentine's day. and it's safe to say...she received massive amounts of kisses and loves the entire month.

speaking of love - kaye and sawyer have reached a new level of obsession with our sweet elli girl. so much so i'm frequently having to tell them to give her some space. she doesn't need two hyper-hypo mini-mommies baby-talking her 18 hours of the day. but guess what - elli is beyond patient with them and dare i say, loves them both the most in the family. she saves ALL her laughs for her sisters as well as her biggest smiles.

when it comes to kaye - kaye takes many liberties with her littlest sister. she's also started carrying her around the house. oh lord. how injured can a baby get if she gets dropped two feet? (that's about the height kaye carries her at.) luckily...no drops yet, so there's that.

kaye is definitely a little mommy and a total natural. in fact, she is so in the moment with elli when they are together i have to stop and actually take pointers. i just think to myself - kaye knows how to play with elli better than i do! granted...i do have to tell kaye to be gentle. she just gets so excited.

sawyer. i would say sawyer is also a mini-mommy, but more like me. she enjoys holding elli and always asks to do so. she loves waking elli from her naps and helping me change diapers. she loves sitting and reading books with us while i nurse her. but...she has less patience for actually playing with elli girl. the attention span there is quick, and that's okay because i know it will grow as elli grows.


nicknames | still boobies. seriously...she just has the best boobies. we also call her baby elli a lot a lot.

size | alrighty - so, last month i said i thought elli's growth had slowed down in the weight department. i was wrong. our sweet gal is in the 85th percentile for both height and weight. she's kind of a monster. we get a lot of - your baby is only six months?! then i usually start to cry. not really...but i do wish my last baby was staying more baby-ish just a little longer.

elli received her shots at her appointment and finally let us know what it sounds like when she cries...because she really rarely cries. (sawyer was the same way, so it makes me nervous.)

milestones | ummm...so she's been rolling all over the place for over a month now. she certainly hangs out on her tummy and plays on her little mat. and now we are aggressively mastering sitting up, and it seems like in just the last week she's gotten sooooo much better. this is good because it's clear she prefers sitting up above all things.

elli has zero interest in anything that resembles crawling or scooting, but she really enjoys standing and bouncing on her little legs. and by little i mean giant and chubby and rolly. girlfriend has some thighs.

she definitely has some work to do because her cousin (who is just three months older) started legitimately walking at 8.5 months. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?! and being the competitive gal that i am...i just would really love it if elli walked in the next two months. spoiler : it's not going to happen.

sleep | i was totally mom shamed the other day when i told a friend i was waking elli up to eat still...twice a night, in fact. she said something along the lines of, "let her sleep!" and she's right. i need to let her sleep. she obviously doesn't need fed in the night at 17+ pounds...especially if she's not waking up to eat. i can honestly say i was just selfishly waking her up. tsk tsk.

so yeah, she's a great sleeper. we'll see if i've created some bad sleeping habits over the next few days if she starts waking up...

elli's also a great little napper. with our crazy schedule we try our very best to hit naps in the crib, but sometimes she sleeps in the car and her naps aren't as long as they should be. but...if we happen to be at home she'll take two solid naps a day. her morning nap is usually right around 1.5 hours and her afternoon nap can be anywhere between 1.5 and 3 hours. that's right...THREE. those three hour naps are just...something else. i usually go in and check on her ten times.

eats | sweet baby elli started food food this past month. she's an enthusiastic eater...but has a hard time working it to the back of her mouth so a lot of it gets pushed out. she's getting better. i have noticed that the purees are harder for her, so i've been giving her more textural foods and she works those down much better.

girlfriend still nurses like a little champion but really doesn't enjoy a bottle...at all. my farmer can get a few ounces in her, but it's boob above all things.

loves | this month i think kaye wins in the "love" category. she looooooves her big sister. and it's safe to say kaye loves elli too.

elli loves being out and about. she loves being held and walked around the house, especially as she becomes more curious. elli loves sitting up, eating, and babbling.

our sweet gal also enjoys the mornings when she gets her farmer to herself while i take the big girls to school.

dislikes | elli has officially let us know she no longer enjoys hanging out by herself for any stretch of time. she gives us lots of yells if we aren't paying her the attention she deserves. she also let's us know when she's been in the car seat for too long...oh lord girl. get used to it. we live in the middle of nowhere and everywhere we go takes the better part of an hour.
elli girl - you're perfection and get cuter and chubbier by the minute. happiest half birthday. you're absolutely adored by everyone. it's true.