did you know 2018 is a quarter over? april! how does that even happen? i set some goals at the beginning of the year, promptly forgot that i wrote them down, but managed to half complete half of them.

so...i was browsing through my blog posts and apparently i started a post about goals for 2018, jotted a few down, and then never wrote the actual post.

wellll...since we have finished the first quarter of 2018, maybe it's time to do a little update and see where i stand!

GOAL 1 - Update Blog Look

let me preface this by saying...just because this was the first thing i wrote down, it in no way means this was my number one goal. i promise. and while the changes to my blog are very subtle...i did splurge for a new $10 theme on etsy and installed it in january. i like it and all, but i'm thinking of doing a complete rebrand, but that will have to wait until...

GOAL 2 - Rebrand Karli Bell Branding & Design

now that my little logo design and branding business is several years old...i think i'm ready for a refresh...but it just takes so much time. time i don't have. buuuut...once i complete my business rebrand i'll be able to really update the blog. we'll see if it happens in 2018.

GOAL 3 - Create Memory Boxes

aaaaah! i did this one and i didn't even know it was a goal i had written down. it had just been something in the back of my mind for...a long time. (ps. pardon the image captures from my insta-story archives! i never took any pictures of my craftiness.) the girls' special school papers, ultrasound pictures, hospital footprints...everything was just sort of stacked in a closet. but now i have three boxes with legal hanging folders within. the folders are labeled by age and then have papers and artwork filed away. i've also stored their baby book and their going home from the hospital outfit in the box. i love them and i love knowing i'm not going to lose anything sentimental.

GOAL 4 - Refresh Master Bedroom & Bath

i'm completely stalled on this one. i have the room painted. i have new bedding. i ordered curtains, returned them, ordered more, returned those, and have ordered again. waiting on delivery. i still need to figure out what's going over our bed. i need to buy a light fixture. i should probably hang some of the pictures back on the wall...but it's just. so. harrrrrrd. oh...and let's not forget the nightstands. i'm going to DIY those...ugh.

also...i haven't touched the bathroom, but every time i go in there i cringe. i want new tile in the shower, new mirrors, new light fixtures, and we need to install a backsplash...desperately. oh...and paint. it definitely needs paint.
GOAL 5 - Refresh the Basement

i know it seems like a lot of refreshing, but we've been in our house now for six years. i think six years is about the time when the new is definitely rubbed off. i mean...when we moved in i painted the downstairs doors a rust color. ruuuust. or maybe it's more of a terra-cotta. whatever it is...i'm over it. good news - i stumbled upon a blog post recently about their play area / office shared space and that's definitely going to be my inspiration. maybe i'll snazzy up a mood board and share before i tackle that project.
GOAL 6 - Finish Landscaping + Build Garage + Repaint Exterior + Playhouse

guys...whyyyyyy? why can't my life be like a DIY reality show where someone just comes in and two days later our house, inside and out, has been made over and all the little projects complete? i know there's this thing called sweat equity, but i have three kids and i sweat enough just chasing them around. also - money.

and that's where we're at! i'd say at three months into 2018 i've made a quasi-itty-bitty dent in the projects. at the very least, i nailed the memory boxes...so there's that.

what are your goals for 2018? are you nailing them or have they fallen off the list?