i'm really excelling at this blog thing lately. i mean...nailing it.

the other day i was complaining to my sister...that's a lie.

i was actually playing that terrible game of who has a busier more stressful life...and obviously with me being supreme ruler of busy, strung out mom who has taken on three too many things at any given moment...i win. (i win because when it's your life and you're in the thick of it you irrationally believe that anyone could possibly be having a crazier experience than yourself.)

so, i win. which is exactly why the blog is the first thing to get scratched off the all important list. hey backseat...how does it feel back there?

it makes me sad because i have all these posts detailing the most mundane of everyday activities with kaye and sawyer...and now that elli's here, should she ever reflect back to the year 2018, she'll say, "ummm...what was my first year like?" and i'll say, "ummmm..."

so, here are 10 little snapshots of a few bits that have been going on lately :

elli has decided she looooves to swing. she'll sit there for...forever.

i clipped these beautiful snowball flower things from our bushes in the front! when we planted those bushes a few summers ago i didn't think they would survive the heat and the massive sun exposure, but they are huge and glorious and have produced so many flowers this spring. heart eyes.

our sweet little graduate! she's totally ready for kindergarten now...and by kindergarten i mean home school. more on that later...

i FINALLY found some curtains i like for our bedroom...taking us one step closer to having a finished room. it took four tries and i had to rehang our rod closer to our ceiling so the curtains would just barely touch...i'm glad i did that. i wanted to be lazy, but it frames up the room nicely.

we've been using our fire pit. wind be damned. (our little area is so so so windy.) we roasted hot dogs and campfire potatoes the other night and it's just the cutest. the girls love it. now i just need to finish our flagstone so it looks prettier in pictures. i have some irish moss seed that i need to sprinkle in all the cracks.

the other day as i was mowing the girls disappeared for awhile. i figured they had gone inside to play ipad while i was too busy to stop them...but about twenty minutes later they reappeared in swim attire and towels. granted...sawyer was wearing elli's suit, but...who am i to tell her her belly is showing? we turned on the sprinkler and it was so so glorious to sit and watch them play.

i made zoodles for the first time! i told the girls they were just green noodles. they accepted that and gobbled them down. (also shown, spaghetti sauce and a chicken meatball.)

kaye and sawyer's school hosted a mother's day tea. it was the sweetest thing. they served us "tea" and chocolate covered strawberries and presented us with special art projects. loooooved it.

also notable...the gals had their final day of school yesterday. i know they'll be sad next week when it hits them they won't be going back for a few months, but this mama is happy because i feel like it's really going to take the rush out of the mornings...even though they only went two days a week!

and finally...i am working with a client on her new business venture and i think i created my most favorite logo to date! once we get this all squared away i'll definitely be doing a brand reveal.

happy thursday!