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A quick master bedroom refresh starting with some new art prints from Minted.

Good morning and happy Memorial Day weekend! This is happening, friends. What should I do to celebrate first?! Deck myself in red, white, and blue and then write a blog post...and then take a nap. Because that's what moms do...nap. Riiiiight...who can nap with these two gals around?

In all reality, what I do is dream up all the dreams of finally having a peaceful, beautiful master that we've lived in our home for 10 years. That's right...we've had a quasi-decorated / not-my-style master bedroom for a decade. A DECADE! You guys...that's a long time. You can study to be a doctor in a decade.

I knew I wanted to get into a space that was fresh and bright. A far cry from what was currently on our walls - dark grey and some oooooold old family photos. (Not that I don't love family photos, but there were literally 12 family photos from the same session hanging all over our walls. Too many.)

So, after 14 hours (yes...14) of painting, I had my light / bright walls. Which also means I needed sunglasses to be in my new, white bedroom. I may as well have been on the surface of the sun. I needed to get some decor on my walls ASAP to try and break up the starkness of it all.

I partnered with Minted (because that's what one does when on the hunt for art...go immediately to Minted and browse through their unbelievable selection of gorgeous prints. And then pat yourself on the back because all of a sudden you've purchased art and you're feeling very adult-esque.

I digress - I was specifically looking for art to go above our bed. Our bed used to sit underneath a window and therefor we only have a frame, no headboard. Once we moved our bed to the opposite wall, I decided to create an alternative to a headboard.

I chose two beautiful prints to stack on top of one another. The first print is easy on the eyes with it's greens and blushes plus dark accents...and truthfully, it reminds me of the colors I see on our farm.

For the second print I knew I wanted abstract, but I also wanted it to compliment the other piece. I loved the symmetry of You & I and also that it had shape, but was just black and white. It held it's own, but didn't compete with my other chosen print.

VoilĂ ! I love them! I love the mirror. I love the prints. I love our bed. Things are really coming together!

I love the current status of our alternative headboard. I ordered three black, mini planters weeeeeks ago that will flank the other side of the mirror...that have yet to arrive. I won't say the source, but seriously...where are my planters?

Now that I have our headboard issue solved, I'll be moving onto the next steps of the room. It will probably include ordering some much larger art prints from Minted (because art prints make me feel fancy, apparently) as well as finally redoing our nightstands. They need sanded, painted...and some new hardware. I cannot wait to do it, I just can't decide on which color to paint them?! me! Should I just bite the bullet and do a nice light grey? I don't want to do black because the dust our house generates from from farm-living is out of this world.

Okay - Now for some before and afters...because what's a decor post without seeing how crappy the space was before beautiful art prints were added and the bed was made?!

Here you can see the dark grey walls. Not only that but there is a drone sitting on our dresser. To top that when we originally painted we used matte finish which is not a good thing if your walls are prone to having anything touch them! The paint will come right off. Naturally, when I went to touch up all the marks the paint wasn't an exact match which created splotches all over our walls. It drove me nuts for years! But, no more of that! White, satin finish paint solved all my problems.

Same wall in progress...

After! (But still waiting on those planters...)

Can we get an amen for what some white paint and classic decor pieces can do for a space. I just love that it looks so clean and simplified. Before it felt dingy and cluttered. Ugh.

If you're looking for inspiration for a refresh in one of your bedrooms, feel free to pin this image for quick access!