A few weeks ago I met up with my best photographer gal pal at our local sand dunes (everyone has sand dunes, right?) so we could snag some sister pictures of Kaye, Sawyer, and Elli...and maybe mom could get in the shot as well. (GASP! Mom in a picture?) I also wanted new individual images of the girls so I could replace the old pictures in their room...It's amazing how quickly those became outdated. Children = weeds...or really fast growing flowers.

Pop quiz -

1. Did Elli cry a huge majority of the time?
2. How many times did Elli eat sand?
3. True or False - Sawyer nearly pulled me down into a face full of sand?
4. True or False - Kaye was a rockstar and I haven't been tapping into her full modeling potential? (I'm about to go all sorts of momager on that girl.)
5. Despite our best effort of ruining all the pictures, was Amy still able to get a few goodies?

I'll let you have a looky-lou at what was captured and you can score your own quiz.
But can we talk about Kaye? She's turning into such a grown up girl and it makes me sad / happy / proud all rolled into one. She's my biggest helper and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. I mean...look at that face!
Can we talk about this little face?

For all the grief she's given us over the past two years (seriously...how long do the terrible twos last?)...I cannot get enough of her little underbite. Or those tiny pigtails. Or her general confidence in all situations.
See...Sawyer pulled me over! Either I'm suuuuuper tiny or the 30 pounds of fury packed in her little body really packs a punch. Meanwhile...Elli was crying. 
See look! We're Girls Traveling! We traveled 25 minutes from our house to take pictures. Call us worldly.
And if anyone ever needs lessons on giving their hip a little pop or general posing...my girls will be happy to oblige. Especially Sawyer.
I absolutely love that she looks like a prospector here. Girlfriend...there's no gold in these dunes.
As always - A huge thank you to Amy for always being willing to help a gal out. (I'll be contacting you today about scheduling a time to get my farmer in some pictures. He would like some glamour shots.)