I apologize in advance for the next few posts. It's going to be all things Elli and pictures and parties and her turning one. She's my last baby - I've earned it. Right?

But...as per the usual, if we need to get things caught up, let's travel down memory lane.

There was that time I broke the news that I was pregnant...again. She was the surprise of the century.

There was that time I shared that we're having our third girl with the cutest video...Kaye's announcement still puts the dumbest ear to ear smile on my face. She's the sweetest!

Naturally, I shared Elli's room with you all! (It's my favorite nursery, by far. And yes...I painted and "redesigned" with each girl...because I'm a crazy pregnant person.)

Then there was the time that Elli made her appearance...exactly one year ago.

And now that we've been through that we can wish our sweet Elli girl the very very best day on her first birthday! It's going to be full of fun as we work on a few house projects and then haul her sisters to gymnastics. We may sneak away from the gym and hit up Costco so she can sample a few birthday treats.

Elli-girl - Today on your actual birthday we don't have anything suuuuuper planned, but we're going to party hard next Saturday!