A Halloween post all about how we pulled off our first family costume and it was a Disney themed Halloween costume, Peter Pan style, no-less. Keep reading if you want to see my farmer's heart die a little.
Okay! So October has come and gone and I am so glad it's over. November 1st felt like breath had been breathed into me and a weight had been released from my shoulders. October (with ALL of the amazingness that it was) was also the pinnacle of the insanity that has been the last two months of our lives. What was the insanity of September / October you ask?

Elli's first birthday / Farmer's birthday / My birthday / Two week all girl road trip / Family pictures / Joint birthday party for the girls...and then their actual birthdays / Treats for classrooms / And of course...daily life of school and gymnastics, topped off with HALLOWEEN! 

Yes, It's been a bit much. I know some people thrive in the busy-ness. Me? I do not. I enjoy being busy...just not that busy. And in the midst of all that busy I thought it a great idea to try our hand at a family costume, because, why not? 

Kaye wanted to be Tinker Bell and cleverly talked Sawyer into going along with it by saying she could be Wendy and have a bow in her hair and wear slippers. Sawyer fell hook, line and sinker. She was in.

I was able to order the Kaye's leo and tulle skirt from amazon. Then I just picked up some green fabric, cut the leaf shapes and sewed them around the skirt. I made the wand out of a wooden dowel and some cardboard. Reeeealllly pulled out my crafting big guns on that one. Ha.

Wendy was super easy. I ordered a blue dress from Alice & Ames that I knew Sawyer would wear non-stop for the next two years, so I was okay with spending $35 (on sale!). Then I picked up some blue ribbon. We had the slippers, tights, and white shirt. Done!
Naturally, Elli was default Peter Pan. Our little Peter Pan was a total trooper! Her hat was just a touch too big so I sewed some elastic I had left over from a previous Halloween. She wouldn't keep the strap under her chin but for some reason she didn't mind it on the back of her head. It held the hat on all night...Literally. She never took it off. (#nothinglikehersisters)

I knew our Farmer would make a great John because...because he just has that sweet, boyish look about him. I desperately wanted him to nix the pants under the women's PJ shirt I bought him, but he wasn't willing to go that far. Party. Pooper.
And while I tried my best to pull off a sexy Captain Hook costume (because apparently I haven't lost my gusto for college)...the jacket I ordered was basically the worst, so at the last minute I snagged myself a Smee get-up (nothing sexy about it) and our Peter Pan crew was complete. 
We have some great friends who live on a historic street in downtown Boise that's quite possibly the most popular place to trick or treat in the state. It truly looks like something out of the movies each October 31st. So, we popped over to their house for all the excitement and hit about a solid hour of candy-seeking. It was our best Halloween to date. It's amazing the difference a year can make. There were no tears (minus the tears from Sawyer when I wanted to take her picture) and the only person who wanted carried was Elli. The girls loved running from door to door and yelling TRICK OR TREAT just a little too loudly at each home. 

This miiiight be the first and last time I attempt a family costume (it's just soooo much work), but at least we did it. If I try again for next year I should start planning now.