A quick roundup of our attempt at our annual family pictures this fall.

Every year I make a big deal out of family pictures. Every year I say we're not going to do it. Skip it this year, I say to myself. You don't need them.

Apparently I do need them because every year I frantically order 17 outfits for each of us hoping to put together the perfectly uncoordinated / coordinated outfit...lest we look like we don't dress this way each and every freaking day. (If we wanted a realistic shot it would be me in running shorts, Elli in her jammies, Kaye in a gymnastics leotard, and Sawyer would be dressed to the nines. (Girlfriend knows how to put together an outfit.) Oh...and our Farmer wouldn't be there because 1. he hates pictures and 2. busy farming.

Realistic, right?

But instead, I throw the fit of the century, promise candy and adult beverages to my farmer, pack a giant bag of marshmallows for the girls...and off we go. Family picture time.

Side note - I packed marshmallows this year because we didn't have any other candy around. And wouldn't you know it! They're brilliant! Chocolate melts and stains, friends. Marshmallows pop in the mouth and they're gone. Marshmallows for the win.

You know what else is a win? Having a friend who will take your pictures who also happens to live close. You've seen her work featured here before. Amy is a saint for offering up her talents again...and again...and again. And when I say offering, I mean I asked her expecting her to say, "I can't." (Because she's by far the busiest person I know), but instead she said, "Of course!" (Because that's the type of person she is!)

Then we're in the thick of it. I'm already sweaty, because that's what I do during family pictures. I slap a fake smile on my face and sweat. Then I stress out that nobody is having a good time and it ends up being me forcing everyone to pretend like they're the happiest family in the world standing in a patch of cheatgrass or Russian Thistle. As it turns out, that golden color of cheatgrass is pretty in pictures but it gets stuck EVERYWHERE.

Buuuuuuut...just like childbirth, I block out the pain that was last year and I commit to doing it again and again and again. Because #sadist.

Also note - In the picture below our Farmer's head was floating riiiiight above Sawyer's head. Notice his hand holding Elli. But what a great picture of my gals and me!

Luckily, I'm happy to report, this year went better than expected! Aside from a brief moment when Sawyer threw a fit and told us both her legs were broken (typical Sawyer), she rebounded and we ended up getting some shots I'll be extremely proud to display! I may even get our holiday card out before Christmas this year.

My Farmer gets an A-...but only because he gave me a little big of grief about having to take pictures in the first place.

Sawyer gets a C. Average. Did not exceed expectations. Her fits...I've just about had it. She did have some bright moments, which is why she's getting the C. Otherwise D.

Kaye - Maybe at six she's danced this dance enough times to realize that if she just listens and smiles it'll all be over soon. Girlfriend gets an A.

Elli-girl. Aside from losing her shoe (I blame our farmer), she was wonderful. And dare I say - The camera loves her. I think she was feeling sassy in her romper. Elli gets an A.

And what about me, you might ask? What kind of grade do I give myself? Well...I get an A for effort, that's for sure. But my farmer would probably given me an F for overall attitude.

Next year...I swear - We're not doing family pictures.

Or maybe we will if we can get a few more pictures like this...