this one time...i milked a goat. i really did.
good day people. the sun is finally shining. this is a major improvement from the 50 mph winds yesterday that shook the single-wide and rattled the windows. and let me just tell you, windows rattling at 3 am has got to be the most annoying sound ever. EVER.

goals report:

1. so my first goal stated that i was going to finish wiring our basement in the new house. I FULLY TRIED TO DO THIS...but we ran out of outlets. so there are still about 10 boxes to finish and a few light switches. i did order all the plate and canned light covers...can you say expensive? yes. now, as i was wiring yesterday i thought, "basic wiring is really pretty simple." it's mostly just repetitive. if you know a few rules you could do lots of diy projects. maybe rewiring a vintage light? i smell my first video tutorial!

2. i was also supposed to document a healthy meal i prepared for my farmer. and while i didn't document anything, i DID make a delicious soup. unfortunately, i still haven't figured out portioning so i made enough to feed us for three days. lunch and dinner. i certainly won't be making that soup for a while. that soup got real old REAL quick.

3. the third goal was to not buy anything clothing related. FAIL. i set myself up for disaster with this one. you see, i have these old ski pants. they are kind of a rusty-brown color. i like them and all, but i've had them for almost six years. i was ready for an upgrade. and upgrade i shall! i found some glorious teal-colored patagonia ski pants that were nearly 50% off on a glorious site called steep and cheap. basically, it's a site that has one outdoorsy-type product at a time that is usually 50% off or more until it sells out. go ahead, i challenge you to not be tempted by their fantastic deals.

4. i pulled a 50% on my final goal of getting dressed in real clothes every day.  'nuff said.


1. i was ridiculously lazy this week. i only ran twice and did quite a lot of sitting. so this week i will be doing one active thing each day. running, sit-ups/push-ups, jillian's 30 shred, you get the point.  let's get physical.

2. i'm going to work on the house every single night this week after work. i keep getting sad that we're not moved in yet, but i have zero right to feel that way.  i have been a lazy daisy. this week i shall be recommitted. this is also a great excuse to not cook. it's frozen casserole week!

3. final goal or else i'm going to feel like an overachiever. i used to a be a bit of a hard-core salad eater. then, after our wedding a year and a half ago i boycotted greens altogether. seriously, i used to eat pretty much only salad (with no dressing) and popcorn. a very balanced diet. you could almost see my back ribs in my wedding dress and i. was. proud. well, it's time to bring veggies back into circulation. i'm going to eat something green every day. gag. HIP HIP  for healthy!

alrighty kids. i hope you have a fab week and set some goals for yourself. i'm off to do some online shopping.