get ready for a photo dump.

we were at a glorious sun valley wedding celebrating two GLORIOUS people this president's day weekend. we ate, danced, laughed, drank, and stuffed our faces (actually, i stuffed my face) until our hearts were bursting. seriously, during one of the songs i started having chest pains. you can't eat THAT much starch and red meat and not have negative side effects.

so, as stated in a previous post, my farmer was asked to be a groomsmen by one of his good friends, will, from their hometown: population 500. super teeny-tiny. and because farmer is awesome, i'm awesome by association and was able to participate in the wedding events. fabulous.

we arrived in sun valley and naturally busted out the skis. my farmer is a bit of a gear-hoarder and bought tele-skis on a whim. if you're not familiar with tele skiing it's basically downhill skiing but your heel is not anchored to the ski and you lunge your way down the mountain. doesn't sound like fun to me. but farmer and the groom decided sun valley was a great place to practice.

russell with the bride and groom.
saturday was the rehearsal/dinner, and as previously stated, it was amazing. there is something to be said for a wedding when you love love love the couple getting married. and while the food/beverage was delicious, you can't help but be overwhelmed with love when you see a great group of people rally around a couple you're so happy for. i'm not normally an emotional person. some say i'm a little dead inside. but these two had me all choked up. enough emotion, the food was fab - we started with fondue, moved on to some rock star brussels sprouts, gourmet mac and cheese, followed by the main course where you had a choice between grilled salmon over mashed potatoes or fancy ribs with a side of blue cheese grits. OMG. and while my farmer was distracted by his red wine i ate both our plates. dessert wasn't half bad either. some sort of coconut cake with buttercream frosting and this delicious chocolate torte thingy. moving on...

here are the boys all dressed up, ready to do their duty:

that's my hottie on the far right. the groom wore his grandpa's tux. he was lookin' fine.
and then i stopped taking HORRIBLE pictures with my phone and got ready:

aren't the gloves the perfect accessory? they were a spot-on match for my satin dress.

the wedding was dressed to the nines. candles everywhere:

the bride and groom were married in front of that glorious stone fireplace. the sun had just set so there was a beautiful glow all around them. stunning.

after the ceremony we were surrounded by food from all the different states the couple had lived, including our great state of idaho where they eventually met:

unfortunately, i only snapped a shot of the shrimp and grits because i mowed the mini red potatoes, steak, and pizza down before i thought to take more mediocre phone pictures.

but i did snap a shot of these adorable cakepops! they were molded to look like idaho potatoes. how cute! (and delicious.)

have a looky-lou at the dessert behind the cakepops. those are mini cakes that i swear must have had crack in them. i was addicted. and on the other side of those were mini georgia pecan pies. also laced with drugs. that's the only excuse i have for shoving two in my face at a time. i have a bit of a sugar problem.

before i passed out from a sugar coma i snapped this shot with my farmer. no people, i didn't marry a 12 year old:

as a request from the bride, my farmer was required to make several announcements over the microphone wearing her ostrich shrug. it would appear he's not upset about it and quite enjoyed the attention:

this shot is of all the boys my farmer grew up with. i'm not sure what was in the water during the 80's, but it apparently was a breeding ground for successful, good-looking men:

the water also must have had magical dance powers in it because i've never seen a group of dance harder. and while i have about 20 horrible pictures of them dancing, these were the best to share. groom in the air:

bride in the air:

and at the end of the night, they lit these lanterns. basically it had wax with a wick attached to a paper lantern. the heat from the flame would eventually make the lantern fly away. and while this was beautiful against the backdrop of a starry sky, i'm not sure how safe it was to let a bunch of drunk people handle paper and a lighter:

and here are a few snaps i stole directly from the bride's facebook page. the photography team was two bird studio and they rocked.

they are in snow boots! cute!

the bride looking far better in her ostrich shrug than my farmer.

the group swing dancing. that's me on the right getting flipped.
yes, i have been dropped on my head before.

you can bet i'll be sharing more photos from two bird studio once i can get my hot, little hands on them.

happy hump day, y'all.