farmer and i have been having some disagreements lately. i think that's to be expected when building a house together in the first years of marriage. and what with me being a girl and all, i tend to take these disagreements as personal attacks on my intelligence, style, decision-making abilities, etc.

doesn't he realize my word is law? well it is.

here are some examples of our more epic discussions, which have nothing to do with house-building:

1. naming our future baby roger which i wrote about here.

moral? don't name your baby something because it's funny.

2. buying toilet paper at costco - so we were driving along and i informed farmer that we hadn't purchased toilet paper in over a year. i was SO impressed that our costco purchase lasted that long! he expressed that it was ridiculous to be excited about toilet paper. i proceeded to insist that this was something to brag about because he's not the one going to the store every other week buying toilet paper...and that sh*t is expensive (pun intended). i have no idea what the price comparison is between a regular store and costco, but buying in bulk allows me to bypass that part of the store on a weekly basis. totally worth it.

moral? buy your TP in bulk.

3. does your special someone have a sharing problem? mine does. when it comes to sweets (particularly ice cream) my farmer is in "survival of the fittest" mode. i'm pretty sure he would double chicken wing me, sit on my back, and take a bowl of ice cream right out of my hands if it was the last bowl. or, even if i just want a little, bitty bite of his sweet-something he cringes at the idea of sharing. granted, my farmer does need the calories and i could stand to go without, but seriously? share! so the other night, he set out the ice cream to soften. he proceeded to grab some caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream. i thought, "awww, so sweet! he's going to make us sundaes!" i was excited. he finished scooping, sat down in front of the tv and proceeded to eat his entire bowl. "no big deal," i thought, "i'll just scoop my own." however, the ice cream was gone. finished. scraped clean. i should have known better. i played classic passive-aggressive. i was mad. farmer didn't understand why i was upset. he still doesn't understand. he said that if i wanted some, why didn't i just ask? well farmer, i didn't ask because i didn't know you ate it all.

moral? share.

moral moral? perspective. i guess if these are our major fights we're going to be just fine.