oh people. people people people. i know you've probably seen these two adorable girls, but quite frankly, i want to put them in my pocket and carry them around with me. they make me so happy. i find myself looking at my computer smiling like an idiot when i watch their ellen interviews.

*le sigh*

i've shared their videos with you twice.
once here 
and once here

now, quite possibly their cutest video to date has hit the world wide web. this video is near and dear to my heart because farmer and i disagree on a fundamental need for our future children. DISNEYLAND. he thinks disneyland is the worst (not happiest) place on earth.

NEWSFLASH FARMER: you've never even been to disneyland.
so, i'll probably have to trick him into going one of these years. i haven't figured out the logistics of my plot, but he'll go. he'll love it. and i'll have pictures to prove it.

either that or i'll have him watch this video. then there is NO WAY he could possibly deny our future daughters of disneyland. have i meantioned my farmer's theory as to why we're only going to have daughters? no? for another day. for now, enjoy:

did you watch it? addicted? i thought so.