my farmer got in a fight with a real "b" the other day. and you know what i want to do to that "b?" i want to hurt. i want to squish. i want to bring the pain.

now, i'm not positive we can really say my farmer came out on the winning side of this fight. i mean...sometimes "b's" just win, ya know? because they are "b's." they do what they want. (very similar to the honey badger.)

and can you believe he fought this "b" while i was traveling for work? i wasn't even there to defend his honor.

seriously. he got stung by a bee in case you didn't catch on. that was a b!tchy bee. my farmer was checking/turning on/prepping our ponds on his four-wheeler so we could begin turning on all the water all over the glorious farm. which turns everything a glorious green and things get real REAL pretty. anyway, he was riding his four-wheeler when a bee colided with his face. this bee got trapped between my farmer's sunglasses and his nose/cheek. this is the end result.

but don't y'all worry. i returned home last night and got right to work on taking care of him. this consisted of a grilled cheese/pesto/shredded chicken sandwich and some cuddling (for about 2 minutes.) then at about 8:30 pm i was asleep on the floor and he was asleep in that glorious chair-and-a-half.

i'll have that chair until the day i die.

my farmer blames our bedtime on hist strict regimen of benadryl. my excuse? osmosis.

but don't y'all worry. my farmer is smokin' hot and will be back to normal in no time.

on another note...

i'ma doin' a bloggy hoppy thingy this glorious friday. do you get bored on friday's and want to read other blogs? you do? perfect...

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have a nice, little weekend!