some of you may have been wondering what happened to me.

did the goats carry me off?
did i get run over by a tractor?
am i stuck in a pivot track?
what is a pivot track? house has taken over. like, officially. it's calling all the shots and all i can do is follow direction. and people...this is where it's gotten us:

remember when there was no house?

and then we started building? (we = my farmer)

remember when i was showering like this?

and then the shower was completed? my farmer worked some LATE nights tiling this baby. seriously...he did the entire thing himself.

remember when i was sleeping on plywood?

and then my farmer put together our bed...

and he was victorious. (please pardon the disheveled bed and the clothing on the floor. i'm not perfect.)

and now i can do laundry. oh how i love doing laundry. seriously. love.

and i can sit in my cozy chair and watch glorious marathons of 16 and pregnant.

i think eventually we'll get a couch...and some sort of furniture to go under the tv. but for now...just two things: chair + tv = happy farmer's wife.

oh! and the rug came in! and dare i say it looks FAB against the hardwood floors? it.

and my fav. part of the house...the kitchen! my amazing friend jeanine came over last week and i worked her all day. i think she was SHOCKED and how much you can pack into a single-wide kitchen...but now it's all (kind-of) organized in this glorious kitchen...which still isn't complete but is fully functional:

things are happening, people! things. are. happening.