seriously, harder than it looks

well people. i'm a little wheezy. slightly asthmatic. mildly dizzy, achy, and complainy.

what does this all add up to? i ran for 30 minutes. it's my third time in three weeks. i'm averaging just over three miles a week. people call me a math whiz. i call me...lazy.

the wind on the farm has decreased to an average of 20 mph at any given hour. the sun is shining about 10 minutes a day. i think it's time farm fit-ass was back in full swing. wudduya say? okay!

now, in order to bring back farm fit-ass i probably need to bring back sunday fun day. the goal setting holds me me? to my blog? it holds me accountable.

goal time:

1. i have big plans for running this week. regardless of the weather, i will run at least three miles three times this week. that's quite the jump from my three miles/week average. i mean really, i have zero excuse to NOT run. remember that amazing treadmill my farmer got me for christmas? the one with the built in tv? it misses me.

2. we bought a bbq from my very most favorite store...ever. costco. i pretty much paid for a membership so i could walk around and eat the samples. worth it. anyway, we bought a bbq. and it's wonderful. we (i use the term we loosely) grilled lemon pepper chicken kabobs last night. uh, yum. so i fully intend to do some serious grillin' this week. maybe some fish. maybe a dog or two. (hotdogs...) let me set my goal at cooking dinner three times this week...starting yesterday. so two more grill days to go.

3. more h20 for this girl. i have to start drinking more water. i mean, i don't really drink soda. i stay away from juice. so basically i've been dehydrated for the past six years. it's going to by hydration-nation up in these here parts. i'm thinking better skin. less hungry. less head-throbbing/puke feeling when i run. 80 ounces a day. that's the goal.

on a lighter note...i bought this vase from anthro as SOON as it went on sale. i love it. my kitchen loves it. the flowers love it.