chicky chicky boom boom! it's friday!

(chicky chicky boom boom is a good thing...)

today i thought it might be super awesome to share some farm knowledge with y'all. i mean...what with people trying to become "greener"/"self-sustaining"/"you get the picture" and all.

let's learn how to plant a garden. scratch that. let's think big picture. let's plant a farm. hundreds of acres of corn.

basically, let's do the exact opposite of learning how to garden.

so the other day i "helped" my farmer plant hundreds of acres of corn. it felt like millions. it was probably closer to 10. but let's face it, that "buddy seat" he tries to sell me on leaves a lot to be desired.

my farmer had been out in the fields for days. from sun up to sun down. he really was planting hundreds of acres of corn. maybe like 600 acres. (farmer - is that accurate?)

on one particular day i hadn't seen all. was he under a tractor? did he sneak off to the big city without me? so i hopped in the truck to track him down. and being the good wifey that i am...i packed him a glorious dinner. a sandwich and snacks and limeade. (my farmer can't get enough limeade. it's the sugar. it keeps him going.)

and mind you - this was the FIRST dinner i had "made" him all week. i'm good like that.

when i finally found him, he was re-loading the planter with seed...

(funny, before i got my camera out, his shirt was ON.)

i knew my farmer had been planting non-stop for days so i offered to help...

(please notice how i kept my shirt ON.)

i'm like samson (of samson and delilah). i get my strength from my glorious hair.

sadly, i can only rock one 50 pound bag of corn while farmer can muscle two. probably six on a good day. but we're not bragging or anything.

so we loaded all the corn into the planter, i hopped in my buddy seat and decided to capture the riveting action of driving...

oh, did you not realize that my farmer is only responsible for watching the gps drive his tractor?

see the yellow? that shows my farmer where he's planted/currently planting. there is a device attached to the steering wheel that keeps the gps spot-on and creates pretty-perfectly straight rows.

however, gps corn-planter doesn't turn the tractor at the end of the row. my farmer is responsible for that. so at each turn, i clap and cheer and tell my farmer how "GOOD (that) turn was!" farmer is real REAL good at turning. he can even do it one-handed.

so the yellow continued to fill the screen and i continued to injure my spine in the buddy seat. after about 100 acres i begged farmer to let me out.

and trixie (our sweet, little farm dog who chases badgers and skunks and goes running with me)...she begged to get in...

ps. look in the top right corner of this picture. see the pink? that's corn seed! did you know it can be pink?! fascinating.

and while this isn't exactly a "high-five friday" is friday. so i'm linked up over here...