hey all you gal-faces! (guys too...i guess.)

what with wedding season right RIGHT around the corner i'm getting ants in my pants.

who has two thumbs and loves weddings? this girl. if i had 20 thumbs they would all be pointing at me.

a few things i LOVE about weddings?
  1. good people with smiles on their faces
  2. everyone lookin' their snazziest
  3. farmer's ability to light the dance floor on fire. seriously...he's amazing. what he lacks in skill he makes up for in enthusiasm.
  4. delicious beverage
  5. cake...or pie...or really just desserts of any kind
  6. usually followed by some yummy cheeses, snackies, dinner
  7. excellent music that i know all the words to. i'm the girl that thinks her dancing improves by mouthing the lyrics.
  8. kiddies who are brave enough to strut their stuff
  9. watching the groom watch the bride (awwwww...*sigh*)
  10. and of course...getting a new outfit for the big event
so yes, i love weddings...more so the receptions.

this got me thinking about my own wedding and the planning that was involved.

i was on every wedding blog from here to the end of the internet. pulling pictures, stealing/borrowing ideas; but all the while having a very specific idea for the look and feel of MY wedding. (and farmer's wedding.)

when you look on the internet there are inspiration boards everywhere...EVERYWHERE. i pulled about 50 of my favorites but nothing hit the nail on the head. so i pulled together my very lame computer skills and created a few of my very own "inspiration" boards. and i'll be sharing those with you today. get excited.

BOARD 1 - look and feel of the bell/schiermeier wedding

i feel like between my slave driving and my amazing b-maids...we got pretty darn close to this. right down to the chalkboards and the pie.

BOARD 2 - bell's b-maids

these, my friends were OODLES of fun to create. not only did they crack me up just looking at them, but it really gave me an idea of what each would look like standing altogether. i strongly encourge this.

ultimately we decided on these j. crew brown dresses with my sister in one of the creamy dresses. we couldn't pass them up. not only did they match the theme...but they were $30 a piece. score.

ps. don't i have the prettiest friends?

i've shared some of our wedding pictures before, but here is the "inspiration" come to life!