well hello kids! is today your super lucky day?

what if i told you, by some fluke chance, I ACTUALLY WON THE POTTERY BARN GIFT CARD!! can you believe it? i couldn't! i'm the happiest girl in the world!

okay, that didn't happen. but it IS going to take an act of GOD for me to find the strength to seal the envelope and pop it in the mail.

i'm real REAL jealous of the winner.
(if this were an actual piece of paper it would be tear-stained.)

let's get right to it.

and the lucky winner is...

oh, do blurry pictures of the random number generator not look professional?

BloggerA. Bendawald said...

I'm a follower! woohoo! now you better rig this thing so I WIN!!! :)
April 26, 2012
a. bendawald! a $50 p.barn gift card is headed your way!


i really wish you hadn't written "you better rig this thing..." ironic? yes.

you must share your purchase! do i smell a guest bloggy post?

thank you everyone for participating! it was a lot of fun as i obsessively checked the new comments every 10 minutes.

i'll DEFINITELY be doing another giveaway...maybe when i reach 100 followers for a $100 gift card!


what do you think...my farmer is made of money?

happy hump day.