guess what everyone!?!? we had our very first overnight guests in the house and it was full of giggling, running around, strategy...and even a little drama. drama drama drama.

i love drama.

allow me to set the scene: house on a hill, three days ago, dark out.

(i'm a real word-wiz.)

i was laying in bed while farmer was still planting corn. it was his third night in a row planting corn. bless his corn-planting heart. we're talking - he drives that corn planter from 6 am until 10 least.

but mama needs more pottery barn on the farm -  he knows this, and so he plants.

so i was laying bed when i heard a scuffle, scuffle, scuffle. we get a lot of scuffling out here on the farm, so i didn't think much of it. but there it was AGAIN! scuffle, scuffle, scuffle.
naturally, i was FAR too terrified to get out of bed. i grabbed my phone and texted my farmer, "bring home some mouse traps...we have a visitor."

farmer arrived home at around 11 pm. he prepped the mouse traps with organic peanut butter (only the best for our mice!) as i leaped from chair to table to stool to counter top. i could NOT risk a mouse scampering across my toesies! the weirdest part? i was giggling the entire time. i was so excited! apparently we don't get much action out here on the farm.

so we climbed into bed and were chatting (because farmers are good chatters) about our day.


it hadn't been 10 minutes and some drama was already goin' down!

we shot out of bed. farmer ran to the trap (i leaped from furniture piece to furniture piece). and being the manly farmer that my farmer is, he concealed the death that was among us and disposed of the sad, little mouse body. success. (giggle, giggle, giggle - don't worry, i'm looking into this weird reaction of mine.)

the next morning he asked, "do you think we got anymore overnight?"

i was pretty sure we had disposed of the only offending mouse. i mean...the nerve of that mouse to be running around my pristine farm house!

farmer ran downstairs to check anyway. low and behold - THREE MORE MICE! dead. gonners. sayonara suckers.

and apparently in addition to the three that were trapped (not humanely, mind you) was a little nest of baby mice. farmer "took care" of those as well. it was official. we were seriously invaded.

so last night, same routine: bait those traps with peanut butter, sleep, check in the morning.


people, we've arrived at ungodly proportions. one mouse = exciting. seven mice + a nest of baby mice = not fun anymore = disgusting = i'm moving back to the single-wide.

i mean, at least in the single-wide we only ever had a mama mouse birth her babies in my running shoe, ya know? (you can read about that story HERE.)

so wish us luck, friends. there is a good chance a king mouse and his friends are plotting to carry me off and bury me under a pivot or haystack.

lastly - i'm linked up over here with hollie, from hollie takes notes!